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International relations: `Compare and contrast Kant’s formula for international law with that of Grotius and Bentham with particular reference to the plausibility of their schemes.`

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Compare and contrast Kant ‘s formula for international law with that of Grotius and Bentham with particular reference to the plausibility of their schemes

The aim of this essay is to provide a detailed elucidation of international law using Immanuel Kant ‘s universal philosophy as our main framework , as well as , Hugo Grotius ‘ naturalistic concept of international law and Jeremy Bentham ‘s utilitarian concept of the at hand . The first part of this with explicates international laws ‘ definition and its history . The second part will probe on Kant ‘s vantage point [banner_entry_middle]

on the concept through the aid of his Perpetual Peace . The third component will focus on Grotius and Bentham ‘s theory of international law , and their convergence and divergence with that of Kant . And the last section will discuss the plausibility of each philosopher ‘s schemes , and it also will provide a synthesis of the matter

Meaning and Origin of International Law

International law can be defined in many ways depending on who is involved in it , where it is geographically used , and when it is being defined . In short , the term can be defined relatively since there is no specific people , place and time that can be considered as a criterion To encapsulate international law we must know first the origin of it

Many social philosophers posited that international law rooted out from the development of a primitive society to a civilized one . Since time immemorial , man has no laws or anything that will prevent him from acting to his own volition . According to Thomas Hobbes ‘ Leviathan , man has the right to do everything because he is innately born to compete with his neighbour , given this fact , he must secure himself from annihilation , and the way for this security is to establish his reputation . Hobbes resolution to eradicate this barbaric community is social contract , which states that man has to give up his rights to all things given that others will give up their rights too , and in doing this man can take advantage of peace

From this philosophy , Hobbes became the catalyst for other social contract philosophers such as John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau which paved way to a civilized society or to be more precise an ed society . The social contract became the law of different societies , then of state , and lastly of one country , which became the panacea for their cultural animosity

During the middle ages , war is everywhere because of widespread hostilities among nations . This state of affairs catapulted the talk among nation in settling this issue , and this is the beginning of international law . At first , there was debate among intellectuals about the nature of international , if it is either naturalistic or positivistic . The former states that the law originated from the principles of justice , and it is existent even before men existed , which means that the law is not created by a specific individual . The latter on the other hand , argues the laws are man-made and is different from… [banner_entry_footer]


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