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The Role of the United Nations in the Gulf War Concerning Multilateralism If we take into consideration how John Gerard Ruggie ‘s concept of multilateralism , we can begin to understand the role of the United Nations as a multilateral institution . To start , the widely know of multilateralism refers to multiple countries working together in some form of an institution , or organization , for the common welfare of the international community

Ruggie states that multilateralism is a generic institutional form of modern institutional life ‘ Under Ruggie ‘s concept of multilateralism an institution , such [banner_entry_middle]

as the United Nations , is obligated to respond to threatened or actual aggression first by diplomatic means , then through economic sanctions , and finally by collective use of force , if necessary (Ruggie , 1983

Ruggie ‘s concept states that the distinction of multilateralism is not just in the coordination of national policies , but also that it uses certain principles of relations among groups of three or more states

Robert Hutchings (2003 ) stated The character or peacekeeping had grown much harder : whereas before the United Nations had been called in to keep peace between two parties who wanted it preserved , the UN was now brought in to make peace between warring factions that were not yet committed to reconciliation ‘ Using the United Nations as the main form of multilateralism we can infer that the United Nation ‘s peacekeeping including disarmament , mediation and monitoring , allows countries to help the United States and its responsibilities for keeping peace world-wide

During the time of Bush , Sr , a review of the United States ‘ role in multilateral peace operations took place largely due to the fast expansion of United Nations operations . Before the Gulf War , the United States and the United Nations would frequently disagree on numerous issues . After the beginning of the Gulf War , however , the United States and the United Nations joined forces to rid the Middle East of Saddam Hussein . This convergence caused the United Nations to be viewed as an instrument of American foreign policy (Pubantz Moore , Jr 2003 ) The United Nations did have one unpleasant side . The United Nations has frequently served as a flexible excuse for the failures of its member states

The success of the United Nations ‘ authorization regarding Iraq in 1991 renewed optimism toward the United Nations . The five permanent members now cooperated in efforts to address an ever wider array of threats to international peace and security (Durch , 1996

When Hussein invaded , the United Nations passed resolution after resolution , demanding Iraq ‘s troops to withdraw . When it was clear of Hussein ‘s intentions , the United Nations authorized the attacks that were necessary

Unlike the current war in Iraq , the first Persian Gulf War was fought with the unwavering support of the United Nations . Bush , Sr , did not engage in war without informing the international community as a whole Saddam Hussein was given ample opportunity to withdraw before any attacks were initiated

After Iraq had been driven out of Kuwait , the United Nations Security Council passed resolutions that… [banner_entry_footer]


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