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International relation

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The Asian Financial Crisis (AFC

The AFC (also known as the IMF crisis , began in July 1997 and mainly affected Thailand , South Korea , and Indonesia although it had a global impact . There were different causes of the AFC , which caused great economic unrest . Thailand experienced a huge trade deficit which affected monitory , trade issues , and stock markets . This caused Thailand to struggle with the property of bubbles and have a greater lack of institutional magnetism . The AFC quickly spread to the rest of Asia and affected China , Singapore , and Japan . Most of [banner_entry_middle]

the Asian nations saw a significant currency dip with comparison to the U .S dollar and lots of businesses went bankrupt . When the AFC ended it was the mark of a new beginning for Asian regionalism . A difference in trade and financial liberation eventually solved the stale mate problem of productivity in Thailand

Security Dilemma

Causes of a security dilemma are based on interpretation from one source or perception of another country . It is based on a lack of trust that other countries have towards the formal country (or country of The security dilemma is originally started when one or more countries begin a war or has a major conflicting issue . An unintended cycle of provoking the other comes forth and may cause an eventual war or conflict . Cognitive theorists of the security dilemma in miscommunication see the cause stemming from basic communication and proper signals being sent . An example would be the U .S . missile defense system being viewed for only defense purposes yet China sees it as a threat . So , China then begins to develop their own system to defend themselves against the U .S . and Japan . Thus , it is a cycle of miscommunication

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO

The SCO was formed on June 14 , 2001 . The organization is comprised of China , Russia , Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan , Tajikistan , and Uzbekistan Their headquarters are located in Beijing and Tashkent . There are 6 member nations and 4 observer nations . The SCO is often compared to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization . The official languages are Chinese and Russian . The SCO covers these s : energy development trade , terrorism , separatism , and extremism . Mongolia , Pakistan , India and Iran are the observer nations . Due to central Asia being abandoned in oil and gas deposits , many nations are not considered for the position of an SCO membership . China believes the success of the SCO will lead to a successful bond with Eurasia . Russia recently started the beginnings of an SCO military

Kim Jong II

Kim Jong II , also known as Kim Jong-il was born in February of 1941 . He grew up the son of a great leader , his father Kim ll-sung , and took power in 1994 when his father passed away . As the leader of North Korea , he saw his people through a severe economic stagnation during the 1980 ‘s at which he took on the policy of juche (self-reliance . Kim Jong II has become the center of international controversy since his father ‘s death , and has been deeply involved in creating an independent nuclear program for North Korea . Kim Jong II is known by many for having some unusual luxurious tastes (Harley Davidson , ipods , and pornography ) so the United Nations has recently banned luxurious goods within his collections and admirations in to send a message designed to bring peace and the end of his nuclear `dreams

Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT

The NPT was signed in July of 1968 to help limit the spread of nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction (wmd . 188 sovereign states signed the treaty 8 of which are confirmed nuclear powers . Out of the 8 , three India , Pakistan , and North Korea have more recently performed open nuclear testing as well as Israel who did not sign the treaty The treaty is known for having three pillars : non-proliferation disarmament , and the right to peacefully use nuclear technology . There are 5 states that are permitted to own nuclear weapons : France , China Russia , UK , and US . The NPT is also related to the North Korean nuclear crisis . The asymmetric structure of the NPT has more recently been unsuccessful at limiting and abolishing nuclear weapons and abuse thereof

1994 Agreed Framework

In 1993 North Korea withdrew from the NPT and declared that it would develop its own nuclear project (s this led to the creation of the 1st North Korean nuclear crisis . The agreed framework was a memo of understanding between North Korea and the U .S it finally broke down in 2003 when North Korea refused to abide by the agreement and its outlining standards that were set in 1994 . The U .S . contends that North Korea has an underground enriched uranium program . Due to these beliefs , the United States is prepared to within hours launch an air strike against Korean securities more specifically known sites that were not complied with that contain wmd . During the Six-party talks that took place in 2005 a replacement agreement to the agreed framework was discussed . The replacement agreement would require North Korea to dismantle all nuclear facilities

Sunshine Policy

The Sunshine Policy is the doctrine between South and North Korea . It was proposed by South Korea ‘s president Kim Dae Jung in 1998 in 2000 Kim Dae Jung was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the Sunshine Policy The Sunshine Policy originates from one of Aesop ‘s Fables . It consists of three parts : No armed provocations will be tolerated by N . Korea , the S . will not `absorb ‘ the N . in any way , and that South Korea actively seeks cooperation . In 2000 the N . and the S . met in an inter-Korea summit meeting after the meeting talks between the two stalled . It came to light that the meeting was arranged by several hundred-million dollars being given to North Korea . In 2006 , North Korea backed away from its pledge to re-open railways between N . and S

Six-party Talks

The Six-party talks are a series of meetings between the following China , South Korea , North Korea , U .S , Russia , and Japan . These talks began when North Korea withdrew from NPT in 2003 . The purpose of the talks is to find a peaceful resolution to the security concerns about North Korea ‘s nuclear program . Since 2003 they have met five different times with very little progress being made towards the goal . China has stood forth making a major effort and taking on a pro-active role Recently , North Korea is beginning to be highly acknowledged for its attempts of cooperation . This is an issue of interest to keep an eye on in the upcoming months and years . If North Korea cannot find a way to open the doors of communication then , it may lose quite a bit of economic stability and trade

Proliferation Security Initiative

The Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI ) is an effort by the United States to indirect transfer of banned weapons and weapon technology Its major goal is to stamp out the proliferation of nuclear , chemical and biological weapons and materials . The PSI consists of 15 core countries , and 60 countries agreeing upon an ad hoc basis . In 2005 China said it would not participate in PSI due to legality concerns PSI was more specifically developed when a North Korean freighter was found to have 15 scud missiles on board international law did not allow the U .S . to confiscate them . That is when the United States began the formulation of the proliferation security initiative . Up until now , it has not done the job of keeping countries cooperative and in-sync with many of the countries who are questioning the initiative especially those who did not sign it

Lee Teng-hui

Lee Teng-hui was the president of the Republic of China from 1988 until 2000 he was also chairman of the Kuomintang also known as the (KMT He helped lead the Taiwan localization movement . He was aggressive in his gain for foreign policy to obtain new foreign allies . He was known as a spiritual leader of the Taiwan independents . His critics accused him of utilizing black gold ‘ politics and trying to use them to undermine his own party . He is currently a member of the pro-independence Taiwan Solidarity Union . In 1988 , Lee named 31 new members to the Central Committee of the KMT party , 16 of which were from Taiwan , making Taiwanese the majority of the KMT party . Lee used pragmatism to sideline those who opposed the Taiwan localization movement

Chen Shui-bian

Chen Shui-bian was born in 1950 , and later became a well-known Taiwanese politician . In 2000 , he became the President of the Republic of China Chen , a member of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP ) is highly supportive of Taiwan ‘s independence he is very pro-independence . He is currently serving his second term in the DPP today . As recently as November 3rd of this year , his wife and three other very highly ranking members of the presidential office were charged with the corruption of government funds and faking documentation . The amount they are being charges of taking is worth 460 ,000 in U .S . money and 14 .8 million NTD He is seen as an old-style Taiwanese politician who promotes conciliatory statements who smokescreens a hidden agenda for Taiwan ‘s independence

China ‘s Anti-secession Law of 2005

The law was passed during the 10th National People ‘s Congress on March 14 , 2005 . It immediately went into effect . The law is comprised of 10 articles . The first article is aimed at stopping Taiwanese independence from splitting the country written to promote reunification . The 2nd through 4th articles are to identify an outline of the present political status of the Taiwanese government the `Taiwan issue . The 5th article maintains that the one China principle is the underlying and foremost basis for the reunification . The 6th is an to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan straits . Article 7 states that it will promote negotiation on both sides of the straits . The 8th article deals with non-peaceful action . The 9th article states that there should be a minimized casualty if necessary to Taiwanese citizens . The 10th is article 18 under the Basic Law of Hong Kong . Hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese held massive rallies and protests against the law

UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS

UNCLOS was formed after several UN events and a treaty all events were different UN conventions on the Law of the Sea . The treaty was to provide universal legal controls for the management of marine life and natural resources and the regulation and obliteration of pollution . The first conference was held in 1956 in Geneva , Switzerland four different treaties were formed from it . The conventions defined and covered definitions for the baseline which were : Internal waters , territorial waters , contiguous zones , exclusive economic zones , and archipelagic waters . It protects freedom of scientific research on the high seas and creates a legal regime for controlling mineral resource exploitation

Asian Monetary Fund

Due to the 1997-1998 Asian financial crises , Taiwan repaid its outstanding obligations through the International Monetary Fund Payments were arranged to be made a year in advance to keep up the long-time achievement of a balance-of-payments stability . By 2005 World Bank was funding eight different development projects with Taiwan These investments included the following : land tilting , education social investment (s , technical assistance , and areas of energy . All of these investments were to help strengthen and build-up the Taiwanese community . Taiwan took on the task of building-up as a means of aiding Taiwan ‘s independence . The Asian monetary fund is now contributing to other Asian countries and assisting them in the same manner … [banner_entry_footer]


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