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International hospitality operations

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INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY OPERATIONS Introduction to studying the unit

Along with the advent of globalization , the hospitality industry has been one area of commerce that has grown throughout the years . At present , hotels , motels and inns have grown significantly not only in urban areas but in rural areas as well . Given these facts , it is inevitable that Addition inns chain of hotels would also look into venturing into other areas in the globe . This research will focus on the hospitality industry as well as the issues involved . The focus will mainly be [banner_entry_middle]

on the feasibility of establishing a hotel in the Antalya /Belek region of Turkey and the specific factors that the said region possesses

Overview of the main content

The main content of the research will focus on the issues confronting the hospitality industry all over the world to give the reader a background on what aspects are applicable in the Antalya /Belek region of Turkey . The will also discuss the differences and similarities of hotel operations throughout the world to be able to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that each region present to the international operator . This process will assess the relative merits of expanding in one region over another

Historical development of the hospitality industry

Lodging places for travelers probably first developed along road and travel routes . In to meet the needs of travelers , the location and size of hotels changed to reflect new modes of transportation . As the stagecoach and horse gave way to the railroad , the roadside tavern was replaced by the large city hotel which was often located adjacent to railroad stations . As cities grew larger and volume of train travel increased , larger and more elaborate hotels were built in all the major cities

Framework of Management Objectives in the Hospitality Industry

As hotels have grown larger , hotel management has become increasingly specialized and actively sought to tailor its services to their guests which include businessmen , students , tourists and others . The growth in the hospitality industry is evidenced by the increase in the number of schools which offer hospitality management courses . What started as a technical course before has now grown into a college course where the intricate details of hospitality management are specifically discussed Management objectives focus mainly on providing the utmost service to the guests which include security and comfort – two of the most important aspects in the hospitality industry . At the recent ISHC Annual Conference held in San Diego , California , the Top Ten Global Issues and Challenges in the Hospitality Industry for 2006 were discussed . These issues included : 1 . Changing Labor Conditions , 2 . Escalating Operating Costs , 3 . Impact of Rising Energy Costs on Consumer Travel Hotel Demand , 4 . Escalating Renovation and Construction Costs , 5 . Havoc from Recent Natural Disasters , 6 . Growing Global Uncertainly About Safety and Security , 7 . Evolving Customer Expectations , 8 . Condo-hotels Growing Rapidly , 9 . Accelerating Change and Merging of Technologies and 10 Increasing Consolidation of Hotel Brands and Companies

Overview of the region of Turkey (Antalya… [banner_entry_footer]


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