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International Business

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International Business


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In this we shall deal with 3 successful international firms such as Nokia , Sony Corporation and Samsung Electonics Company Ltd and discuss as to how the personality and experience of the chief executive officer of each of these firms determine and drive the firm ‘s strategy formulation and implementation . We shall first start off with Nokia which is being led by its CEO , Jorma Ollila . Amidst the competition from the rivals like Motorola Inc . and L .M . Ericsson , Jorma Ollila ‘s [banner_entry_middle]

Finnish multinational companies on cellular phones , Nokia almost outsmarted all of them . With concentration and speed and with a crafty eye for design Nokia extracted the market share from the established competitors and came out as the most profitable player in the industry . Ollila envisaged that Nokia will be the world champion in terms of the number of phones sold , in growth , as well as in terms of the return available on capital employed . Ollila , a self assured non technical company who never engaged in even doing minor plumbing work in his lakeside cabin is the one who is developing a new technique of high-tech management (Baker Crockett Gross , 1998

In contradiction to the common principle of `slip-and-you-die , Ollila pioneered the principle of slip and you grow . Introspecting the consumer cellular market , Nokia and its competitors forecast a huge business market developing in which many of the data networks that links the PCs of the world will go wireless . Ollila is converting his phones into to mini PCs and Web surfers , that is booming him up against every of odds from some of the high tech bruisers in Silicon Valley and Redmond , Wash Without worrying about the future , Ollila passionately adopts it . Ollila narrates an exciting new era in the wireless world where all the voices movies , pictures , news , music and almost every item on the Internet would be accessible through a mini device as small as one ‘s wallet Ollila ‘s approach is compatible adequately to the much waited digital convergence of TVs , telephones , computers and even kitchen appliances into realistic machines . The leadership and vision of Jorma Ollila has brought out the success of Nokia (Baker Crockett Gross , 1998

We shall now move to the next company , Sony Corporation whose CEO Sir Howard Stringer leads the company . Nobuyuki Idei the then Chairman and Group CEO of Sony Corp . was fired on March 7 , 2005 and was succeeded by British /American Sir Howard Stringer , who was the then Chairman and CEO of Sony Corporation of America , Corporate Executive Officer , Vice Chairman and CEO Sony Entertainment Business Group (Sony : Wikipedia the free encyclopedia ) The decision of Sony to substitute Idei with the British Howard Stringer for the first time revealed that a foreigner will administer a major Japanese electronics firm at a moment when the electronics facet of Sony was not lucrative (Kanellos , 2007 ) Amidst the cutthroat competitive business , Sony had tripped badly . Once a dexterous innovator recognized for… [banner_entry_footer]


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