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Intergrative – The Book of Acts

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p The Book of Acts : The Foundation of the Christian Faith

-An Integration on the course The Book of Acts

January 30 , 2007

I personally , have rediscovered the rich history of the Christian faith after taking this course on the Book of Acts . I have learned many things about the expansion of the Christian faith and the signs and wonders that accompanied it , through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit After being with the disciples for 40 days , Jesus Christ was taken up to heaven , leaving them with a promise that they [banner_entry_middle]

will be given power from on high to do miracles before the eyes of the Jews and the Gentiles . The apostles waited and prayed for 10 days until finally they experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit , and they were given the power to speak in different tongues and do miracles that Jesus himself promised they will do . In this part of reading , I was enlightened since it talked about the transformation of the disciples , from ordinary men to great apostles because of the work of the Holy Spirit . I realized that as the early-day saints experienced power from God to do signs and wonders , so can it happen in our time , to us who are also believers of Jesus Christ . The book of Acts also gives the accounts of the miracles done by the early Christian believers after receiving the Holy Spirit . They healed the sick , and raised the dead . Beginning Acts 3 , the apostles started working miracles in the midst of the Jews and Gentiles . On one account Peter healed a crippled man outside the temple . Another miracle was when the apostles brought a dead woman (Dorcas , back to life . The people of their day began to believe in Jesus Christ and the Christian community grew more everyday . I believe that these historical accounts are important in laying down the foundation for the modern-day Church . The miracles displayed by the apostles caused the people to believe in the One-true God . We , as believers , should also have the desire to display the glories of God so the people can see and believe

Taking this course also gave me a deeper understanding on the experiences of the early-day Christians like Paul , Peter , and other Christians of their time . Even the conversion of a certain persecutor of the Christians was a significant event in the history of Christianity This persecutor , who was present at the stoning of Stephen , was Saul of Tarsus . From a persecutor , he became an apostle . After experiencing Jesus on the road to Damascus , he made an important change in the Christian view . He started his ministry spreading the news to the Greeks and the Gentiles . He traveled to different nations , sharing the Gospel to them . This powerful transformation paved the way for the Gospel to be preached beyond Jerusalem , to other nations . This was the time when the apostles realized that Christianity was not only for the Jews but for all men ! It is just… [banner_entry_footer]


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