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How do Cosby and McBride describe the punishments they used to receive or witness as children ? What do you think about how they were punished How would you punish your child if you had one

Cosby and Mcbride described the punishment they used to witness or receive as children as violent and cruel . The physical or verbal abuse and infliction of pain to the children are forms of violence and cruelty . The intentional infliction of painful physical penalty by the persons in authority as described in the excerpts even for disciplinary purposes [banner_entry_middle]

can be considered as a corporal punishment which breaches human rights of the children . Like all people , children have the right to respect for their human dignity and physical integrity . Subjecting them to torture or other cruel or degrading punishment is a great injustice and must be condemned . The described form of punishment in the excerpts robbed the children of their self-worth and self-respect , and corroded the trust between the parents and the children . It must be noted that being just children do not make them less human being than adult people nor deprive them the right to a life free from violence

Severe punishment often generates more problems than it solves . Results of studies suggest that punishment like spanking does not improve children ‘s behavior , it only tended to increase externalizing behavior such as children ‘s inability to get along with peers and antisocial behavior (Grogan-Kaylor , 2005 . Punishment often simply drives bad behavior underground : it stops it from happening in front of parents but it does not stop the behavior altogether . Since the child see the world in concrete terms , a child who sees that it is permissible for an adult to hit a child will assume that it must then be permissible for a child to hit an adult or another child . So , if I have a child , I will not use punishment to modify undesirable behaviors rather I will use constructive discipline . I will correct my child ‘s misbehavior by concentrating on the specific undesirable behavior and constructively discuss it with him or tell him exactly what I want him to do and show him how to do it . Discipline is more effective than punishment as it preserves the dignity and self-worth of the child

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