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Instructional Presentation

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p Students ‘s past experiences , interests , and previous thought processes can affect the learning of a student in many ways . It is always very important for teachers to consider these factors when it comes to lesson planning because different students learn and understand differently because of what they have encountered and experienced in their lives . By doing so , students will be able to reach a higher level of learning and be able to achieve more efficiently

This type of teaching and learning is also known as the schema theory which is very [banner_entry_middle]

important for a meaningful learning experience . The schema theory was originally established by an educational psychologist by the name of R .C . Anderson . This theory was based on the certain knowledge that a person already has which is made up a series of large collection of complex mental organization that creates how the person can understand the world and his /her surrounding . Although Jean Piaget was the first to use the term “schema ” in 1926 , Anderson was the one responsible for elaborating the meaning of it . Piaget , however , was responsible for putting in almost his whole life in exploring and studying the roots of knowledge and the certain factors that create changes in knowledge over a person ‘s couse of life . Schemas are like mental pictures or observations that are constructed as people experience the world and its whereabouts throughout their lives Likewise , schemas help sort out past experieces and previous existing knowledge and create a better foundation for the understanding of future experience or knowledge

It is important to fully understand some of the concepts of the schema theory in to be able to adopt and exercise them . It is very essential to teach a general knowledge , basic ideas , and broad backround information . This is so because a great amount of learners or students have a hard time and it can be drawn back to the lack of general basic knowledge . This also tends to happen more among those who come from a different culture

One of the other concepts are to use previous existing knowledge in to help students create connections between new ideas . This can include a discussion before jumping into the new material , visual help singing songs , illustrations and pictures , or some sort of explanation on how the new information presented to the student applies to his /her everyday life . This can make it a lot easier for the student to create new connections to the new material taught

Previous existing knowledge is important and necessary for the understanding of new body of information . Therefore , teachers need to help students by reminding them of they already have a knowledge of before the introduction of new information . For example , before students learn about division , the teacher should remind students about multiptication and how it is just the exact opposite of division Teachers should assist students in building their pre-existing knowledge

The way that students store the information that is being taught is also called… [banner_entry_footer]


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