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Instructional Presentation and Follow Up

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Material Early Childhood Learning Disabled Hearing-impaired English Language Learner Gifted /Talented Students

Textbooks 0 X X 0 X

Software Programs X X X X X

Videos X X X X X

Charts X X X X X

Cable TV Programs X X X X X Early Childhood : Software programs exist that are filled with both mobile and stationary images that are colorful and which engage the senses of children at the early childhood stage . During this stage children are to be exposed to a wide range of learning mediums , and [banner_entry_middle]

this includes exposure to computers via interactive software designed for their level . Videos and cable television programs also present learning material with the use of animated characters that can cater to the needs of the early childhood student . Such learning programs as Sesame Street Reading Rainbow , and a number of other literacy and numeracy programs stimulate audio and visual centers of the small child ‘s mind and therefore should be used as a method of allowing interaction during learning . Students should therefore be allowed to sing along with these programs , and then take these educational lyrics and melodies into creative learning sessions , such as drawing (writing ) large colorful letters of the alphabet and in arts and crafts sessions . Charts serve as a method of reinforcing what has been learned at this stage , and can be made to depict alphabetic and numeric characters in large , lifelike and colorful ways to stimulate children ‘s interest and remind them of the significance of these characters . They may also be made to encourage tactile learning

Learning Disabled : When teaching children with learning disabilities , it is important to reinforce the information through as many methods as possible . Information given orally should be reinforced through a visual , aural or even tactile medium . A limited amount of information should therefore still be given via the textbook , in to coach these students on how to learn in the usual ‘ way . However , this information should also be reinforced via software programs , which are interactive , and which engage several of the students ‘ senses at once Videos and cable television programs are audiovisual , and should also supplement lessons as a method of re-presenting similar material for emphasis . These are of value to such students with attention deficit dis , or for teaching those with reading disabilities to learn such skills as phonological awareness and higher level skills , such as onset and rimes , consonant blending , etc (Block , 2003 . Charts are ever-present methods of reinforcement

Hearing-impaired : Videos and cable television programs can be of great help to those students who are hearing impaired , as the closed captioning feature bridges the gap for those at a developed stage of literacy . The traditional textbook method is ideal for these students because it places them at the same level as the non-hearing impaired by requiring only their visual and intellectual capabilities – that is requiring nothing of them that they cannot give . The textbook also provides the bulk of information that is usually taught via lectures which the student may have trouble hearing . Software programs are also a very good investment for these students , as they stimulate the students visually and also get them involved interactively . However , it is necessary always to make sure that the software places as much of the information being conveyed in textual (as opposed to just primarily aural ) form so that the students ‘ hearing problem may not impair their ability to profit from the software ‘s instruction . Charts are also visual and can be tactile , giving these students the opportunity to learn via more than one sense , despite their lack of ability to hear well

English Language Learner : English language learners should , as much as possible , be given the opportunity to speak as well as to hear the language being spoken . Therefore , videos and cable television programs are very useful tools in aiding their mastery of the language while learning the content of their several classes . Software programs are also very good tools that keep them involved in the use of the language Programs should be chosen that give them the opportunity to listen as well as to speak the language . Textbooks are also important to enhance their ability to read the new language , but must take into account the students ‘ level of mastery over the language . Some seventh grade text books , for instance , would be inappropriate for thirteen-year-olds of normal intelligence but who are only minimally familiar with the language of instruction

Gifted /Talented Students : Students with special intellectual or artistic talents usually progress faster than other students . It is often the case that they become bored with the curriculum . Providing these students with supplementary or even more advanced material can aid their ability to cope with the class . This material should stimulate them in ways that are important for all children , and this includes visual aural , oral , and even tactile stimulation . Textbooks would most likely be able to hold their interest and should be used . Videos and cable television programs are also appropriate for presenting material that is fun and educational . This could include visual representations of difficult concepts or depictions of s and ideas that complement those they have already covered . These students might be engaged in the making of charts that artistically represent the material taught in the class for purposes of explaining the concepts to other students of their age , to younger students or for external competitions . Since teachers might still be busy with the other students in the class , it is important that the technologies used be conducive to individual (non-teacher aided ) learning


Block , C . C (2003 . Literacy difficulties : diagnosis and instruction for reading specialists and classroom teachers . Boston : Allyn Bacon



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