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Math Skills in Social Studies

Part of the basic skills that most human beings would need to function well in society is math or arithmetic skills . Acquiring such skill allows the individual to reach the level of functionality in society However , studying math should not just be confined to math classes Proper development of math skills requires the application of mathematical concepts even in other areas of study

In the area of social studies , math concepts may be injected in lessons in several ways . Primarily , calculations and arithmetic knowledge are the [banner_entry_middle]

easiest to include . In the sample lesson that tackles the life on Plymouth plantation , math skills were included by asking the students to compute the time it takes to travel from one point to another Conversion of units was also one of the ways by which mathematical concepts were included in the lesson . For instance , the lesson asked students to determine how many weeks , months , and hours there were in 65 days

Another way by which the lesson developed the math skills of students was by asking them to compare modern day travel to the olden times ‘ mode of travel . Students were asked to determine how much longer it took to travel before than today

To ensure that the students really practice their math skills , the instructor must make sure that no calculators are utilized in performing the aforementioned computations . Instead , students must be asked to do the necessary computations manually

Another way by which math concepts may be included in the lesson is through the use of graphs . Graphs can be used to compare values and visually show the relationship between various data

In the given lesson plan , one area in which graphs may be utilized is in the discussion of the climate in the Plymouth plantation . In this , the students are asked to determine which months have the highest and lowest temperatures by looking at the climate chart

A line graph can be utilized to show the change in temperatures . The graph can plot the temperatures for each month so that the students can see how the temperatures change . Using the information found in the climate chart , the students can construct the graph

Using the graph in this part of the lesson will help students identify climatic patterns that they may compare to present day climate changes Moreover , by asking the students to make the graphs themselves , the lesson will allow students to identify the months with the highest and lowest temperatures by simply looking at the graph

Including such graph in the lesson will now only ease the students understanding of the climate changes , it will help students realize the use of graphs and how the could apply graphing in their other areas of study

Developing math skills are not the sole responsibility of math teachers . Math skills can be developed by applying mathematical concepts to other areas and subjects of study . In this way , students will understand why math is necessary to learn and… [banner_entry_footer]


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