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inspired by a teacher to become a teacher

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Dear Ms . Cornell

On the last day of my 9th grade English class , I gathered my books , took one last look around , and wondered if you and I would ever cross paths again . As you erased the chalk board , I wondered how many students were actually as inspired by you as I was . I considered interrupting your meticulous erasing , but decided against it , coming to the conclusion that you had had enough of us rowdy 9th graders for one school year Your English class was my favorite , and I always looked forward to [banner_entry_middle]

the exciting activities you ‘d come up with for us to participate in . Going into the 9th grade , I didn ‘t think that group activities and reading those long ‘ short stories would be something that I actually looked forward to , but you changed my outlook completely . I never thought I would have the opportunity to contact you again as I ventured off to high school to pursue the final years of structured schooling

It ‘s funny , though .as I walked out of your class room , you stayed with me through the duration of my schooling . The way that you taught inspired me in ways that no other teacher could . Your exclusive focus on each individual student you encountered helped me to understand that everyone is , indeed , individual . The creativity you incorporated into each lesson plan helped me to see that nothing has to be boring .it ‘s all in the way that a person approaches it . The little methods you utilized to make large exercises seem small and easy encouraged me to break down my large assignments into several small tasks . Something about the way you spoke to us kids made anything impossible seem absolutely attainable

I am in the process of completing my credentials to become a grade school teacher . I have completed student-teaching for Kindergarten , 1st 3rd and 4th grade classes . I can now say that I honestly understand why this field is so rewarding . The kids are always so eager to see me . As I did with you , they continually await the learning activities I have planned for them . The various students I have had the opportunity to work with remind me of when I was young and dependent on the grown-up standing in the front of the room trying to teach me all the things I would need to know in life

As I approach the end of my formal education , I felt it was important to let you know that you played an important role in what I chose my career to be . Though the grades are different , the purpose is the same Watching you effortlessly pass on your knowledge to a bunch of somewhat unappreciative 14-year olds gave me aspiration to practice a career in education . You had a major impact in my life and my hope is that one day I will be someone ‘s Ms . Cornell ‘ For everything that you taught me , and for everything that you do , Thank… [banner_entry_footer]


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