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Influence of Setting in the events of the story `Hunters in the snow` by Tobias Wolff

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In Hunters in the Snow ‘ by Tobias Wolff , we see three characters who apparently appear to be close friends but then as the story moves they lose their patience with each other . In the story , the reader notices how the cold temperatures started to create an impact on each of the characters . It brings out the complexities in their character . In due course of time the reader comes across the true self of the characters Their simmering resentment towards each other is aptly highlighted by the author amidst the appropriate setting of the [banner_entry_middle]

cold bleak winter season . When concentrating on the conversation that takes place between the men the reader realizes that underneath all the friendship there is a cruelness of words that cuts to the deep as the men flaunt the others weaknesses and seem to be ignorant of the effect that the words will have on the emotional state of the other

The atmosphere plays a very crucial role in defining the theme for a story . When used to its full potential it can stir deep feelings in the reader that go beyond rational thought . Tobias Wolff in his short story ‘Hunters in the Snow ‘ uses this factor to create atmosphere and a sense of crisis . The story craftly uses the setting and thereby makes it a fascinating study in self-absorption . Wolff draws three strongly distinct characters in a small space , and again manages to convey the ambiguities and complexities of human interaction and personal struggle

The story begins with Tub waiting for his friends Frank and Kenny for an hour in the falling snow ‘ In the same paragraph we find Tub is walking down the street , carrying a rifle and seemingly , shooting the breeze . The cold and the waiting surely creates an impact in the mood of the character . Tub is restless from the wait and the cold adds on to it Besides , aiming at the breeze fairly depicts that the character continues to be impatient and will later ironically reflect the true nature of Tub . The snow let up , but still there was no edge to the land where it met the sky . Nothing moved in the chalky fields . The cold bleached their faces and made the stubble stand out on their cheeks and along their upper lips . They stopped twice for coffee before they got to the woods where Kenny wanted to hunt . Wolff builds up the story on the platform of cold weather and the impact of the cold on each character slowly builds up

As they ride together in Kenny ‘s truck , we learn more about them . They are traveling in an old truck with a hole in the windshield , making it a very cold journey . Once again the cold seems to follow them throughout the journey . On the trip into the woods , and while they are walking around searching for tracks , we realize the fact that Kenny and Frank don ‘t seem to like Tub very much . Not only that , they seems… [banner_entry_footer]


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