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Infidelity : the Dishonesty Factor , Influence , and Contribution to Marital Problems


No one likes dishonesty , but sometimes the truth can be more damaging Dishonesty in terms of marriage affords a multifaceted definition Marriage Builders (R ) credits dishonesty as one of the strangest five Love Busters ‘ Dishonesty can rip a couple apart and it can bring a couple together . Nevertheless , the end result is the same -a lie is a lie . Once a spouse has been dishonest , additional secrets are required to cover the original lie and so on . It can quickly [banner_entry_middle]

become a pattern -an unwanted addiction . Dishonesty and infidelity , the leading cause of divorce in the United States , are tantamount in marriage . Dishonesty is never the correct option in marriage , even when saving the other ‘s feelings is the motive behind the lie Infidelity is the leading cause of about 17 percent of all divorces in the United States (Associate Press , n .d . In fact , as the percentages increase the gender factor also increases . There was a time when men were the common initiating gender in instances of infidelity , but in today ‘s world , women are found just as guilty and for various reasons It is hard to get an accurate percentage on infidelity statistics because many will not and do not admit to cheating ‘ on their spouse However , the rates are still high and range from sex addiction to just not being satisfied with their spouse . In an Associated Press survey results revealed , 22 percent of married men have strayed at least once during their married lives (n .d , whereas only 14 percent of women admitted to being unfaithful at least once during their marriage (Ibid . Infidelity has crossed into new boundaries with the advancement of the information age . Many spouses commit adultery online . However , online relationships are not always viewed as being unfaithful because contact is not physical . Such types are relationships have been dubbed cyber relationships , cybersex ‘ or other terms . Regardless , the intent is the same as that of real-life physical encounters . Worse is the increasing number of men and women who have fallen into the trap of net addiction ‘ While many fail to admit to being addicted , it is far from just a fling

Marriage needs and nurturing must be considered in relation to the times in which they are observed . The way a couple perceives their marriage is determined by cultural attitudes as well as by world events . They often reflect the conflict between former established family patterns geared to an earlier economy and the needs of today ‘s rapidly changing social scene (Mudd , Stone , Karpf Nelson , 1958 ,

.21 . In a world that advocates infidelity , how is a couple to overcome the temptations rampant in society

While Mudd et al (1958 , made the referenced statement over 40 years ago , the premise remains the same : the world views marriage as an action for the moment , something to do when one finds a person with whom he or she feels emotions , versus a lifetime commitment… [banner_entry_footer]


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