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Part I

The article does not support a decision to export goods . Based on the article , the nation of India needs to rebuild its internal government as the current govermnet is corrupt , violent in nature and untrustable If this could successfully occur , however , there is a case for building up the trade industry in the region , as India lies in an ideal place for importing and exporting with Asian as well as European nations Additionallly , the historial marking of India as a center and leader of spice trades demonstrate that there is [banner_entry_middle]

the potential for export success .The article does not specifically imply or deny if the Indian government supports imports from the United States . It is clear , though , that the government has utilized and allowed U .S . intervention in local conflicts , particularly conflicts involving nuclear arms

India was selected to join ASEAN in 1992 , and this relationship only helps the future of trade in the nation , as it demonstrates India ‘s support and commitment to peaceful trade in compliance with international law . The nation is currently being considered for APEC but did not have an established economic reform or trade credentials when APEC was established in 1989

The poverty in the nation is a major barrier to the success of trade , as the government is not able to sustain the nation ‘s large population and most resources are used to provide for the basic needs of the people

Part II

The article India , from the online journal The Economoist Intelligence Unit , was retrieved from the University of Phoenix online library at the website HYPERLINK “http /web .ebscohost .com /ehost /pdf ?vid 6 hid 104 sid b95345df-c487-4dac -bbbf-4 40sessionmgr103 http /web .ebscohost .com /ehost /pdf ?vid 6 hid 104 sid b95345df-c487-4dac- bbbf-4 40sessionmgr103 . The article discusses the historical political developments in the nation of India and includes references towards the significance in recent political developments and its impact on economic change

According to the article , India is a parliamentary federal democracy with an indirectly elected President . However , this form of government did not always exist

Approximately 5 ,000 years ago , India was a flourishing civilization The country was the major exporter of textiles and spices and a leader in trade . Change occurred around 1562 , when the Asian warrior , Babur invaded the nation and began to dominate and set up trade posts in the region . A major revolt occurred , causing India to become ruled as a British colony

In 1947 , the Indian National Congress petitioned and won back government autonomy , though great bloodshed occurred . The British India was divided into Pakistan and the current region of India . India ‘s first prime minister established a complex systems of socialist control that remained in place until the 1980 ‘s

Based on the article , it is evident that corruption , government change and a lack of bipartisan agreements has led to a period of instability in India . Due to this , there is little case to support economic reform or upcoming developments in the area , at… [banner_entry_footer]


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