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Incest in America

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Incest in America

Nowadays , incest is viewed as one of the most harassing aspects of child abuse , since it is likely to result in psychological trauma and cause long-lasting negative effects in terms of healthy personality development . Governor ‘s Commission on Domestic Violence defines incest as overt and /or covert sexual contact or acts between people who are related genetically , by marriage , by living arrangements , or in whom a child perceives a trusting relationship , for example parents grandparents , siblings , aunts , uncles , cousins , step-parents , foster parents . Incest is one of the most [banner_entry_middle]

common forms of child sexual abuse (Governor ‘s Commission on Domestic Violence , 1996 ,

.37 . Unfortunately the U .S . statistics on this is barely available , as the entitled researchers have access merely to reported cases , which give following information : 46 per cent of child rapists are family members , 70 per cent of whom have been at least once imprisoned (ibid . Nevertheless the statistics suggests that incestual relationship might occur even in `non-deviant , `decent ‘ nuclear families , because the positive correlation between the rapist ‘s previous crimes and child sexual abuse points merely to the fact that such crimes are more frequently discovered

The causes of incest can be categorized into three groups : biological sociological and psychological . Biological factors indicate that certain percentage of inbreeding is important : any system of inbreeding that is reasonably possible would not greatly reduce the heterozygosity of the population (Williams , 1994 ,

.1167 , but this approach doesn ‘t actually clarify the reasons for child sexual abuse . Sociological perspective is oriented to societal factors , such as popularization of sexuality in its different forms (including illegal distribution of child pornography ) and the societal roots of deviance as the violation of sociocultural patterns of sexual behavior : in macrosociological terms , sexual assault of children might be rooted in social inequality distortion of family constructs (family roles and responsibilities ) and anomia , i .e , poor implication of moral values in certain society of community (ibid . Psychological factors also enjoy diversity that includes the presence of personality , mental health and sexual diss (pedophilia ) and predispositions to sadistic behavior in abusers , so that family members can use sexual assault as a form of punishment as well as the means of satisfaction their sexual needs . It needs to be noted that incest is unacceptable from both sociological and psychological positions , so this crime intrinsically implies certain either social or personality pathology (Sedlack and Broadhurst , 1996

The main effects of incest on child can be explained through the influence of the abuse on child behavior and the coping mechanisms which arise in response to the harassment . First of all , the child experiences fear and powerlessness , since they can no longer control his /her life and body , if the victim is aged over 7-8 , he /she normally feels shame , responsibility and guilt , as the small individual already understands that normal of things has been upset , but still has underdeveloped mechanisms of cognition to realize the depth of the problem . Furthermore , such traumatic experience detaches the… [banner_entry_footer]


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