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In Defense of Globalization

March 29, 2016 | Author: | Posted in globalization, social sciences

He is of the opinion that globalization always got raw deal from uninformed student ‘s activists and governments only provide the weakest and lamest of defenses and thus he engaged himself to take up the cause of promotion of globalization by himself

Further he points out the major accusation against globalization is engagement of child labor . But he is of the view that countries can able to integrate in to world economy through seeing more children at school and fewer at work . He uses the Vietnamese rice farming as pointed out by [banner_entry_middle]

a Dartmouth University study as an illustration to support his view Thus Vietnam was able to provide more funds to education by lifting its rice export in 1993 which doubled its income and thus resulted in more income to farmers who utilized the same for their children ‘s higher education

His main findings on globalization are summarized here : Globalization does not inflict poverty to poor countries . On contrary , they provide better job opportunities to the farmers and menial laborers . WTO offers dispute settlement mechanism which allows member countries to redress their grievances peacefully their by avoiding coercion . He refutes the allegation that globalization undermines labour and environmental standards . He visualizes more enhanced role for women in the global economy . He also expects that trade liberalization will result in capital inflows . He is of the negative view about the inclusion of intellectual property rights in trade agreements

Thus Bhagawati proves through the empirical evidence that poor public policy outlook in regions such as East Asia and Latin America are the focal reasons of their financial instability and not because of the free trade policy . He also recognizes the malevolence often associated with globalization such as hegemonic attitudes of economic powers , poor governance , ignorance and deceitful double standards in international… [banner_entry_footer]


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