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In Cold Blood by: Truman Capote

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In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

Capote wanted to express three purposes of the effects to the murder Firstly , he wanted to show us the effect it had on such a small community , and why they reacted in the way they did . Why did so many families leave the town of Holcomb , and even suspect their own neighbors as the murderers ? Capote then goes onto write a psychological pro of Perry Smith , who was one of the murderers of the Clutter family . What [banner_entry_middle]

br actually drove this man to do such a crime in the first place , and also what was Perry ‘s feelings after and during this murder ? The final purpose why Capote wrote this novel was to ask the question whether or not Capital Punishment should take place . Capote believed that Capital Punishment was wrong , and this comes across well in his views and forwards this onto us through reading ‘In Cold Blood

Capote opens the novel like most novels by setting the scene for us . We learn that the town of Holcomb is a peaceful , relaxing idyllic place where you would just want to go in to get away from it all ‘ The land is flat , and the views are awesomely extensive , horses , herds of cattle and white clusters of grain elevators rising as gracefully as Greek temples ‘We learn that Capote is trying to show us the scene before the murder and then what comes after . As you can already imagine there comes a huge difference not actually in the land itself but the people of the town whom survive off this land . They no longer find comfort from within the town of Holcomb for obvious reasons . We also then learn of the quiet town , quite deserted in some places ‘with signs that are unlit . The way Capote writes this makes us believe that nothing could ever go wrong in this town , and so he stresses this setting of pureness in for us to feel sympathy for what is to come (Hollowell , 97-116

When the murder has taken place we find ourselves living amongst a and suspicious one . People started questioning whether or not it was their own neighbors or even their friends . People are hit suddenly with the shock of the deaths . They are faced with the questions why , who and how ? They begin to have affects on them straight away , firstly by shock then by becoming upset and then lastly because of the reality of the whole concept . People even start buying padlocks for their doors and changing their locks . People even wondered if the Clutter ‘s were supposed to be murdered , and whether it was a mistake with their neighboring family . This family was wealthier than the Clutter ‘s , and were known as the James family . This theory was therefore known as the James theory , and originated in ‘Heartman ‘s cafy , the heart of the community ‘You got nothing to do but sit around… [banner_entry_footer]


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