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Impressionism and Post impressionism between Camille Pissarro`s the goose girl at montfoucault and Vincent van Goeh`s The Rocks.

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In this we will analyze two different paintings from two different artists of , almost , the same era . They were executed with only thirteen years of difference , and there are clear distinctions and likes between both styles

The first painting is The Goose Girl at Montfoucault , White Frost by Camille Pissarro . This painting represents a country scene , where a human figure , accompanied by a group of domestic animals , is seen in the middle of a natural setting . The attitude of the characters seems to be describing a typical day in the country life [banner_entry_middle]

. In this image we can see some of the most typical characteristics of impressionistic style

The first thing that can be remarked is that the subject is a trivial one . Impressionist artists were no longer concerned with religious mythological , historical subjects , as there had been the case with traditional painting . Their concerns referred to everyday routines and banal characters

The main subjects during this period were taken from the artist ‘s own surroundings . A subject was the representation of nature , as can be seen in this particular piece

The human character plays a minor role in this scene , her presence used only to give the sense of life and civilization to the , otherwise , wild landscape . Her identity is completely unimportant and overlooked . There is no display of features on her face that will narrate who she is , or even what emotions she is feeling at the moment . It ‘s the portrait of a generic person that only acts as an extra beside the real star of the painting which is the landscape

The fashion of the time was inclined more towards showing a scene , an image , rather than tell a story , as it had been the fashion before . The use of limited characters that perform simple activities , gives way to explore and develop the way the image is shown . By not telling a story the spectator ‘s attention is focused entirely on the feeling of the image : the colors , the texture , the contrast between the various shapes The perception is oriented towards the senses , less than the logic

Impressionistic school leaned heavily toward the portraying and representation of nature . The different variations of light and colors play a principal role in the fashion of the era

The brush strokes are quite big and rough , drawing line in almost xistent , the figures of the drawing being given only by the vibration of colors , and the contrast between different shades . As it was typical of impressionistic painting , shapes and volumes are given by optical illusions and not by detailed drawing lines . In Pissarro ‘s work the use of colors is very discreet , leaning towards pastel shades and balanced combinations . The suave palette recreates the mood that the autumn scene is trying to imply , the quiet shades used to pass on the spectator the quietness of the country life

The gooses are in a vague suggestion of motion , contrasting with the rest of the setting that is rather still… [banner_entry_footer]


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