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Illigal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration

The problem of illegal immigration in the present is continuously increasing and arousing much more concerns from the public . This aspect in the social legality of a nation ‘s territorial rights became very much controversial since it actually encompassed the ethical aspects over legality and constitutional amendments . Legally , a nation has their own constitutional right for national territory and the fundamental establishment of their bs secluding their legal sovereignty apart from the other nations wherein they also have their rights to protect it from invasion and unauthorized immigration p [banner_entry_middle]

However , the ethical aspect of life and human rights for shelter and residence usually comes in contrast to the said legal amendment wherein some people or social minority often comes in violation to the said principle for the sake of survival and comfort . Some people become stakeholders in risking their own freedom by immigrating to other countries eventhough in illegal approach as they lack legal access and permission to do so . Commonly , these people are being pushed by certain social and political problems such as war conflicts , social problems employment concerns , and opportunity for better living (Wikipedia , 2007 Weissinger , 2002

To address this alarming problem , nations and together with their diplomatic coalition are now creating intervening approaches to deal with the problem of illegal immigration . Governments , mainly the United States of America are even willing to chance their residing illegal aliens a chance to become legal citizen of their respective country (Beck , 2001 . However , to stop the rampant violation of the b law government are still very much determined to strengthen their security and implement community inspection for illegal aliens hiding in the shadows of their territory (Fair , 2003 . Immigration has its own rightful process based on the constitutional right of the state , which is to be respected and followed accordingly in its legal nature


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