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If you had the power to change any event in history, which would you choose to change and why?

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There was nothing gained , only losses

While the Vietnam Conflict was indeed an unfortunate event that took thousands of American lives , the Kent State Massacre on the other hand lost not the same magnitude , but the event certainly shook American society and forced it to view the country ‘s involvement in the another light . The Kent State Massacre was also a direct effect of the Vietnam Conflict , which occurred in American soil . The massacre is undoubtedly the result of abuse of authority by those in power . When the National Guardsmen fired [banner_entry_middle]

upon the students at Kent State who were a hundred meters or more away , it ended in a tragedy . It could have been avoided had the Nixon administration decided to stop its involvement in the Vietnam Conflict . If I only had the power to stop Nixon ‘s mandate of drafting college students to the war , the Kent State Massacre would not have happened . The students were only condemning and protesting the war that Nixon got the US involved with and stop the drafting of students to a war that they personally thought to be useless and inappropriate . Even if the Kent State Massacre was instrumental in a way that universities and schools all over the country went on strike , condemned the atrocious event and demanded for the withdrawal of US troops in Vietnam , history could still have moved on without such event because it only resulted in unwarranted deaths – deaths which were not given justice


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