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Sexual Inhibition of Youth Makes Them More Sexually Excited Than Those Which Are Not Sexually Inhibited



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Sexual inhibition is a behavior that regards sexual practices as taboo Study showed that sexual inhibition of the youth makes them more sexually excited than those which are not sexually inhibited . Ninety-two percent (92 ) of the respondents from conservative families claimed that they would likely practice sexual practices in one way or another , the more the society condemns it as a taboo

Sexual inhibition is a conservative [banner_entry_middle]

behavior towards sexual practices It is a common culture in some countries . It occurs to societies which labels sexual practices as a taboo . It also occurs to people with fear of being rejected by society for such belief in sexual practices

This study ‘s concern is that the sexual inhibition of youth in a particular country makes them more sexually excited than those which are not sexually inhibited

The Philippines is a country that is used for this purpose . The people gained a reserve insight about sexual practices as brought about by the 333 years colonial bondage to Spain . The Americans came later bringing with them the liberal ideas , ideas of freedom and democracy which the Filipinos have acquired . With the people divided between the conservative and liberated type , it is a good setting for this study

A group of 150 individuals under the age 14-21 years were used as sample for this study . The age range constitutes the youth in the Philippines . The individuals were divided into three groups : 75 individuals coming from conservative families and 75 individuals from liberated families . The first group served as the experimental group while the latter served as the control group

The independent variable in this study includes the gender of the experimental groups while the dependent variable includes whether the individual is sexually oriented . A sexually inhibited individual does not necessarily follows that the individual is not sexually oriented

Both groups were given the same test and interview . In the test , both groups were provided with pornographic materials such as magazines and movie clips for entirely three hours

The next procedure included an interview for each individual in the experimental and control group . Same set of questions were given to each individual . The questions involved the following

1 . What have you felt after the test

2 . Do you think involvement in sexual practices is socially wrong

3 . What do you think is /are the causes of sexual inhibition

4 . For those who come from conservative families , if given a chance would you practice sexual practices despite it being labeled taboo

The results of the test were as follows : 64 out o 75 (85 ) in the experimental group said that they felt sexually aroused after the test while the remaining 11 individual (15 ) did not feel it . On the other hand 73 out of 75 (97 ) in the control group said that they felt sexually aroused after the test while the remaining 2 (3 ) said… [banner_entry_footer]


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