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December 10 , 2006

Is humanism a religion

To consider humanism a religion it would have to have a Divine Power as its source of

strength , wisdom , and guidance . Humanists have no such Power to whom they look

toward . Humanists usually do not base their beliefs on faith either Faith is another common

denominator of sects that call themselves religions . The only faith that humanists have is faith in

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system that they have is based upon evidence of fact , nothing

at all that would require yielding to a confidence in something that cannot be seen and

experienced in the earthly realm . Humanism relies on science to prove or disprove their belief

systems . Religions , in their most strict sense , do not rely soley on science to prove or disprove

theories that they espouse . Humanism relies soley on reason

There is something wrong with calling an entity that relies upon itself , and what it alone sees

a religion , specifically but not entirely , because when one cannot rely beyond the realm of man

to validate truth then the truth becomes only an inbred rendering of the minds of men . Truth is

such a sought after and lofty attainment and purpose of religion that it cannot possibly be

adequately learned by rehashing different flavors of the same stale logic year after year and

century after century without the input of the Divine , without some kind of supernatural

influence of all-encompassing knowledge and wisdom . This entity must be more powerful than

men , and certainly more powerful than the minds of men , to adequately relay the truth of

the ages unto men . People who are part of religions pray for to a Divine Being for an impartation

of wisdom and for the comfort and endurance necessary to sustain themelves against the ravages

of the world

To call humanism a religion would be the height of egotism irreverence , and lofty pride

things which historically have always gone before the demise of the civilzations where those

characteristics abounded . Before we elevate our inferior humanness to be equal to the divine , we

should study the history of ages before us that thought that way and learn from their mistakes

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