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Human Resource Strategic Planning Project

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Human Resource Strategic Planning Project

Purpose This research is about a personal Strategic Planning Project ‘ This project will help me determine and /or pursue the ultimate position , job or career in life

Project requirements Using a real-life job taken from existing global companies , this project outlines the requirements and experience needed for my dreamed ultimate position in work life . It also discusses how I am going to plan to achieve the qualifications for this job and when I expect to reach this goal . The type of education needed specific training , and [banner_entry_middle]

required licenses or certificates , are also provided . The steps that I am currently doing now associated with my goal are likewise indicated . Two of my idealized would-be employers are presented and are discussed briefly along with the type of industry they belong to – that is , manufacturing ‘ or service . These information about the chosen companies are included (a ) the location (b ) the size that is , small , medium , or large , and (c ) the output , that is , product or service

Introduction and statement of personal goals My professional goal is to obtain a CPA (Certified Public Accountant ) license or certification and my career goal is to work as a Certified Public Accountant or Financial Analyst in a corporate office of a big international company . As for my ultimate employer , it has been my dream to work for an Insurance /Investments institution either in a government corporation or in a private airline company . When I overcome my post-9 /11-crash trauma I also consider working for a company that enables me to travel , but not a lot , and to work for a couple of weeks in , for example , Vienna , Paris London , or Krakow

My currently held position as Finance Manager and my school are helping me achieve my professional and career goals . The following narrative shows my strategic plan for the achievement of my desired goals in life stated in this research

Narrative Strategy is defined by Merriam-Webster (2004 ) as : the science and art of employing the political , economic , psychological , and military forces of a nation or group of nations to afford the maximum support to adopted policies in peace or war . the science and art of military command exercised to meet the enemy in combat under advantageous conditions . a careful plan or method . a clever stratagem . the art of devising or employing plans or stratagems toward a goal

Except for being as a science ‘ but rather as an art ‘ I am going to apply the definition of strategy ‘ mentioned above for my personal strategic plan development project and its subsequent execution later . I look at these terms in the definition (a ) war ‘ as a form competition with other individuals who have the same or similar aspirations as I do and who possibly have eyes focused on the companies that I am eyeing for employment , too (b ) military ‘ as a model for self-discipline (c enemy ‘ as my actual or prospective competitors , in combat ‘ is the field of competition which is oftentimes… [banner_entry_footer]


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