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Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management


An essential part of the HRM process is that proper attention be given to the personnel function . The effectiveness of any organization is dependent upon the efficient use of its human resources , internal and external environment . Today , motivation and a human-centered approach play a major and continuing role in the lives of all employees especially with the growth of large-scale business organizations . The current state of the HRM is described as homogeneity , which have obscured the real challenge of managing across cultures in the world The [banner_entry_middle]

socio-technical system is concerned with the interactions between both the psychological and social factors , and the needs and demands of people , and the structural and technical requirements of the organization

McGregor Theory of Motivation

X and Y theory was formulated by Douglas McGregor in the book “The Human Side of Enterprise ” appeared in 1960 . In his book McGregor states that the average person inherently dislikes work and will avoid it if at all possible as a result , most people have to be coerced , controlled and threatened if they are to put in enough effort to achieve the organization ‘s goals the average person prefers to be directed , avoids responsibility , isn ‘t ambitious and simply seeks security (McGregor 2006 . According to theory X , organizations should maintain strict control and give clear instructions to employees in they work effectively , Theory Y explains that employees ‘ actions and profitability can be based on integration of individual and organizational goals Employees are self-directed and able to achieve objectives without direct supervision and theory Y underline that motivation of one form or another is a necessary part of any company as it serves many important needs (McGregor , 1985 Motivation has an increasing impact on individuals and their productivity . The main limitation of this theory is that the only way employees can attempt to satisfy their high level needs . is by seeking more compensation (McGregor , 2006

HRM Today

Globalization , integration and information technology require a new look at how such employees are motivated . The identification of the key skills , knowledge and attitudes of the employees is crucial in determining what they need to learn . Identification of the level of competence and motivation already possessed by the employees in relation to that which they need to reach in their new work environment should be a starting-point in the design process . It enables a clear focus to be established and standards of performance and behavior to be put in place . In this case-study , the identification and analysis of learning needs in the roles and jobs concerned (by the project team ) is paralleled by the assessment of those selected to occupy those roles and carry out those jobs (Reed , 2001 Mabey , Salaman , 1998

Modem HR theories and practices take into account changing economic and social environment which have a great impact on motivation and employees perception of the work . On the one hand , contemporary developments in the field of HRM incorporate the broader contextual reality (Schuler et al 2002… [banner_entry_footer]


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