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Human Relations in a Diverse Society

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After the events of September 11 , 2001 on the United States affected the treatment of Arabs and Muslims in the country . This opened the doors for the government including federal and local authorities to persecute Arabs and Muslims . Since the state police and the federal police are always disagreeing with each other , the handling of Arabs and Muslims has become more towards the discrimination and lack of tolerance towards different cultures

In for the federal and state authorities to respond to the pressures from the Arab and Muslim community regarding public safety [banner_entry_middle]

is through education . If the government in general would begin having programs for the understanding of Islam and the culture , this would increase tolerance leading to less violence and stereotypes . As a result , this programs would minimize the problems concerning public safety , most problem are the occurrence of misconceptions and the portrayal of Islam because of terrorist who use it for their personal means and does not at all describe every single Arab or Muslims (Public 2004

As far as the chiefs decision not to conduct interviews to Arabs and Muslims in their cities , is because of issue of racial profiling and the rights of individuals . Arabs and Muslims could have a lawsuit concerning the United States government violating the U .S constitution regarding their shall be no discrimination regarding sex , race , and religion . In my opinion , the chief of police are correct , because if there is no evidence or charges against these groups of people than they should not be subject to such a humiliation . It is bad enough that the federal government has defame their culture and religious beliefs why does it also have to continue with their personal dignity (Gaines , 2003

In conclusion , if the government feels that it needs to increase public safety , it must first try to take actions to prevent misunderstandings and correct ideologies being spread by extremists . The government can work against those ideologies by providing education , tolerance , and fighting back by stating acceptance and social justice


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