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human ecology

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92 . Can you think of ways that you and others in developed countries can reduce our ecological footprint

One direct way of reducing the ecological footprint is by minimizing waste by recycling and reusing , such as by putting vegetable scraps into a compost bin instead of into the garbage . Energy usage can also be reduced , such as by using public transportation instead of going by car whereby many people can share the use of energy . In the same way becoming a grower ‘ instead of a buyer – by growing one ‘s own crops [banner_entry_middle]

for example , can reduce the energy used for shipping many products . In general , the more frugal a person ‘s lifestyle is , the smaller his individual ecological footprint is

However , although we can work individually for the reduction of the ecological footprint , it is also very important to promote general awareness of the issue . The reduction of the ecological footprint is the responsibility of everyone , and it is only with the cooperation of everyone that such problems can be solved . Even if an individual tries by himself , his contributions to the reduction of humanity ‘s ecological footprint are almost negligible . However , if these almost-negligible amounts are multiplied hundreds or thousands of times , effects will be significant and the ecological footprint can be reduced

93 . What is The Tragedy of the Commons ? Describe 2 examples

The Tragedy of the Commons is a phenomenon of human behavior that concerns the utilization of a commonly accessible but finite resource (the Commons . Because individuals tend to prioritize their own interests over that of others , they will hog ‘ the resource , taking as much as they can . The consequent depletion in the common resource results in a disadvantage for everyone interested in the resource Avoidance of the Tragedy of the Commons generally requires the cooperation of everyone concerned

One example would be the hunting of animals with very limited populations and /or slow population growth . Over-hunting can lead to the extinction of the hunted species , which means future generations will not have the benefits derived from them . Another example is air pollution . The air serves as the commons (acting as a common dumping site ‘ for pollutants individuals will tend not to work for the common good by avoiding pollution if the rest of humanity keeps polluting the air anyway

94 . What is the second law of thermodynamics and how does it affect our life

The second law of thermodynamics is the law of increasing entropy . This law states that the entropy of a system will increase over time . This means that the distribution of heat , pressure , and density will eventually become evenly distributed . For example , if a cup of hot tea is left at room temperature inside an isolated room , the temperature of the air in the room and of the cup of tea will eventually become the same , because heat has been transferred from the tea to the air in the room

In other words , the second law of thermodynamics is the uniformization ‘ or… [banner_entry_footer]


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