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What are the environmental impacts of nonrenewable mineral resources Will we have enough

Extraction and use of nonrenewable mineral resources currently pose as a significant threat to the environment . Combustion of nonrenewable resources – fossil fuels such as oil and coal – release high levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere . Increase in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide is one of the major causes of the greenhouse effect (and consequently , global warming ) today

Mining nonrenewable mineral resources can also negatively impact the environment . Runoff from mining operations can pollute water sources and [banner_entry_middle]

br reserves , and ore extraction can cause disruption of the topsoil , which causes displacement of local flora and fauna . Mining also produces great amounts of solid waste and causes problems such as acid rain overburden , dam failure , erosion and sedimentation , landslides , and tailings

Nonrenewable mineral resources cannot be replaced at the same rate that they are being used or consumed . Energy sources such as oil , natural gas , and fossil fuels , as well as natural resources such as metallic ores , do not re-form and cannot be regenerated naturally at a sustainable rate . These resources typically take millions of years to form . Eventually , with mankind ‘s current rate of consumption , there will come a time when these resources are depleted

The nonrenewable mineral resources available today may not be available in the future . However , the development of new technologies may enable us to make use of new resources . Resources that are now of little importance may replace those that have been used up . Technology can also offer means for more effective pollution control and resource consumption… [banner_entry_footer]


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