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An Essay about the water resource problem existing in the Middle East

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The need for water and the continuing hostility between Israel and the surrounding Arab states has placed the Jordan River as a central bargaining chip since Israel ‘s establishment in 1948 . The Israeli War of Independence was rooted in the fact that the Arab countries considered the State of Israel to be illegitimate . Connected to these declarations the Arab states have persistently denounced the unilateral diversion of the Jordan River [banner_entry_middle]

as completely illegal . The Israeli response has been that the surrounding Arabs nations were never willing to let Israel exist in peace . These historical disagreements intertwine with the dispute between Israel and Jordan in which the Jordan River plays a main role

Known for its ideological , religious and geo-political differences , the scarcity of water in the extremely arid Middle East region can be attributed to the meteorological , geographic and demographic factors Israel , Jordan , Palestine Syria and Lebanon all share the waters of the Jordan River , where the various attempts to use said water for projects other than what has been already agreed have resulted in constant friction among countries involved . This dispute however has been remedied through peace agreements that provide for supply of water by Israel to Jordan , as well as a joint development of water resources Israel pumps water from the Sea of Galilee through the Movil Artzi water carrier for irrigation purposes in the Negev and other areas of Jordan and Israel . Jordan , however , is facing another environmental problem which increases the state ‘s dependency on the water of the Jordan River (Abu-Taleb , 1994 . As the population of Israel grew , the reliance on the supply from Jordan River grew to over 50 percent . In the early 50 ‘s when Israel created the National Water Carrier which paved way for the cultivation of their dessert soil , the Arab nation took upon this as a bold move for aggressive expansionism thus starting the conflict . To settle said dispute , American President Eisenhower appointed Eric Johnston as mediator (Cooley , 1984 ) to negotiate water sharing between two states that continued for more than two years with out actual success beyond a cease fire . Following more than 10 years of silent tensions , the conflict flared again when the Syrian government attempted to divert the Banyas River , followed by three Israeli army and air-force attacks on the site of the diversion . It resulted to a Six-Day War in June 1967 between Israel against Syria , Jordan , and Egypt which led to the captured of the Golan Heights and the site of the Banyas headwaters enabling Israel to prevent the diversion and gained control over the West-Bank , the Jordan River as well as the northern bank of the Yarmouk (Cooley , 1984 . After that war , Israel increased its water use 33 percent while Jordan lost significant access to water from the Jordan River consequential to the termination of their plans to expand usage of the river and its… [banner_entry_footer]


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