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How women perceived in the Japanese corporate culture?

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Two of the leading countries when it comes to technological development are America and Japan . America they say is the land of immigrants , a country where there is diverse cultural population , made up of different societies . Japan on the other hand claims to have a homogenous society A society where there is only one culture , one norm . Others define this as Japaneseness . Cultural nationalism in the Meiji has made Japanese regard their nationality high . They tried to keep everything as traditional as possible especially [banner_entry_middle]

the societal role of men and women

In the present society , one cannot help it if other people evaluate their worth . Some try to give an estimation of what how and what they thought of the other person . Women are mostly under scrutiny . There are a lot that is being asked for as well as what is being restricted by society if a person happens to be a woman . A woman has many roles in the society . She can be a friend , a lover and a mother all rolled into one There is a lot that is being expected of her . As a friend she is expected to always be there to listen and join her friends when they asked her to . As a lover , the man expects her to be always at her best to always look good for her partner . As a mother , she is expected to take care of her children and raise them up to be good citizens Traditionally , a woman a will be dignified if she can fulfill all of these things that the society dictates of her

It was not long before women realize that they wanted more than just to stay at home or to hold low positions in work . Women in Japan felt the need to grow out of the traditional way of life . Different groups were formed advocating a change in the Japanese system regarding women ‘s rights . Japanese women have played an important role in shaping Japan ‘s society thus they should be given the freedom and equality that is just appropriate for them maybe more than what they are experiencing now

The Japanese Women

Historical Transformation of the woman ‘s role in Japan

Throughout history , the lives of Japanese women have been complex and dynamic . Social class is valued in Japan and females are trained at an early age to perform well their place in the society . There were many restrictions imposed on women . It was expected for a Japanese woman to be submissive and obedient . In the early developmental period in Japan there was a strong perception amongst the people that the women hold important role in the household . The distinction of labor given to a man and a woman has influence the domain of authority for both sexes . Women were given almost society

In the early years of Japan , some high positions in the society were being held by women a number of empress has once… [banner_entry_footer]


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