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How to teach rounding with decimal to the nearest tenth

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You can write it on the board or you can have it done on a before going to the class Practice the students reading and writing numbers that includes decimals . Make sure to tell the students to use the word and ‘ after the decimal point , as for our example , twelve and ‘ 3 tenths 4 hundredths

Now , write a number line on the board . Let ‘s take 12 .34 as our example . Place the number 12 .34 on the number . This would be place between the numbers 12 .3 and 12 .4 . Let [banner_entry_middle]

‘s make it clear to the students that we are talking about rounding this number to the nearest tenths so that they will know why we choose those margins

Ask the student what they notice in the number 12 .34 on the number line . Is it nearer on the left side or on the right ? Now we are ready to round off to the nearest tenths . Tell the students now to look to the place value spot ‘ to be rounded , that was 12 .3 , the nearest tenths was 3 . then look at the number next to the right . If the number is equal to five or greater than 5 , then we will round UP . If it is less than 5 , the number will not increase . Remember that if we round up or down , the number on the hundredths place (4 , or the number next to 3 would become zero . The answer to our example if we round off to the nearest tenths would be 12 .3 since 4 is less than 5

Let the students practice it by giving other examples

Let ‘s take some measurements as an example . If you have a ruler in your bag or in your table , show it to class . If they have… [banner_entry_footer]


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