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How our culture glorifies one sex over another in dating

April 3, 2016 | Author: | Posted in social issues, social sciences

How Our Culture Glorifies One Sex Over the Other in Dating

In his musings “A Note on Vulnerability and Responsibility , Hugo Schywyzer comments “Men , it seems , can ‘t distinguish being wanted as a partner and being needed as a protector and provider ” Women have always been held in high regard when it comes to dating . This is because women through time , have always been viewed as weak and in need of protection This view has carried over to our new era of woman empowerment and independence . These views have slowly changed over the [banner_entry_middle]

decades though and beginning in the 1960 ‘s , women have slowly evolved into an equal partnership with men . These days , women and men earn their place in their relationships . The glorification is no longer automatic even while you are simply dating one another

Men have traditionally held the more responsible role of being mature and more understanding in a relationship . These days though , maturity and respect in a relationship are considered a two-way street where a dating couple would rather find a common middle ground rather than the man letting the woman have her way in the relationship . Although a woman ‘s decision is still glorified in terms in dating , women today tend to use their prerogative to find an outlet that they both will enjoy . It is no longer just a woman who must enjoy a date these days and the women prefer it that way . Although , the continually evolving area of dating has proven that women do not necessarily have to date . It is perfectly acceptable for women to opt for independence and remain single

Women no longer like being placed on a pedestal where men seemingly glorify them for the sake of their egos . Women no longer respond in a resigned manner to sexist treatment . Women will no longer accept that she is inferior and , judged to be mentally inferior to the male . Women feel respected these days when a man listens to what she has to say and considers her suggestions . While the men seem to prefer a woman who shares her thoughts because the responsibility for dating enjoyment and relationship building no longer falls squarely on the man ‘s shoulders

These days , a man is no longer relegated to the protector and provider role . This evens out the responsibility in a relationship and allows the woman to ask her man to treat her as an equal while still being vulnerable and in need of protection . It can be said that men now treat women as their equal in every way even with the limitations set in place not by man , but by Mother Nature herself . Our culture no longer dictates that we glorify one sex over the other when it comes to dating A woman no longer needs to pretend to be vulnerable and like a porcelain doll just to make the man feel strong . Men now get their glorification by living up to their commitments and vows in a relationship Glorification… [banner_entry_footer]


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