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How do I Express Myself

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Being Different and Loving It

I like to think that my defining physical attribute is the color of my skin . I have a mixed parentage and due to the different cultures that flow in my veins I have this dark colored skin which is lighter than most Brazilians and it is a curious shade of brown that appear to be translucent . Naturally , when I am with my classmates , I stand out from the group like a sore thumb . My eyes are unusual in shape and color , I have very deep brown eyes ( change [banner_entry_middle]

if it ‘s not the right color it is round and somewhat narrow in the corners , my eyelashes are thick and wavy . My father always said that I have expressive eyes and he could guess my emotions just by looking at my eyes . I also often find people commenting on how little I am , I am quite petite but since I was taught to walk with my head up , I actually appear taller that I really am which is why people are amazed that I am really small . At a young age , I have come to know that that I am unique , even in my own town and in my family . My physical characteristics are not typical of Brazilians and although I have siblings , the unusual skin color and eyes are more pronounced in me . Being different , I have always been the subject of other people ‘s attention I am quite used to hearing people say she looks different . I grew up with the love and support of my parents and family , they always encouraged me to be the best at what I do and to be content with my body and physical attributes . Hence , I did not have any problem with my physical appearance when I was in my country . However when I arrived in this country , I felt that I was under intense scrutiny , I can hear people murmur and exchange glances in the cafeteria when I am around and some of them bluntly asks from what country are you ‘ It is quite understandable then that I often think that I do not belong in this school because of my color and appearance

My clothes reflect my personality because wear clothes according to my own sense o style and preferences rather than following fashion trends and the like . In principle I give more importance to comfort and functionality that is being able to do what I want without worrying about my precious heels or expensive blouses . But I always choose to wear something that I know I feel good in it , clothes that make me look pretty and confident and attractive . Similarly , I wear shirts and jeans because I am comfortable in it and I know that I can still be attractive without trying too hard . Actually jeans and shirts really reflects who I am as a person , I dislike fuss , I want something dependable and consistent , I value freedom and choice and I… [banner_entry_footer]


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