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How do cultural conflicts with Japan are shown in contemporary American movies?

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Historically , it would one impossible to conduct a discussion on the issue of American interest in the culture and society of Japan without mentioning World War Two . The conflict between the two nations during the 1940 ‘s forever linked each other as the landscape of the culture of modern Japan and the modern United States were shaped from the outcome of World War Two . In that regard , the histories of the two nations are forever interlocked . While one would assume that such an interlocking fusion would yield a negative , the reality is that [banner_entry_middle]

the two countries eventually opened each others minds in terms of accepting each other Granted , there are still obstacles present to understanding each other but the acceptance and understanding between the two culture have been advanced do to eventual infusion of Japanese pop culture entertainment into the American conscious . Unfortunately , not all presentations of Japanese culture are presented with a clear understanding of the basics of Japanese societal structure

Any attempt to understand the Japanese must begin with their version of what it means to ‘take one ‘s proper station ‘ Their reliance upon and hierarchy and our faith in freedom and equality are poles apart and it is hard for us to give hierarchy its just due as a possible social mechanism . Japan ‘s confidence in hierarchy is basic in her whole notion of man ‘s relation to his fellow man and of man ‘s relation to the State and it is only by describing some of their national institutions like the family , the State , religious and economic life that it is possible for us to understand their view of life (Benedict

A significant reason that Japanese culture has been embraced by those in the west centers on the fact that many people are exposed to Japanese pop culture when they are very young . The operative point here is that what people are exposed to are the more pop driven forms of Japanese entertainment

It is not the classics of Japanese cinema that helps to define a consciousness in the eyes of the public . Most people are not familiar with classic films such as YOJIMBO or GATE OF HELL of KWAIDAN . What people become familiar with are the various anime films , manga periodicals , etc . This is not because the public looks for lowbrow entertainment as much anime and manga output from Japan is very sophisticated in the storytelling techniques that are explored

Much of the reason that these forms of Japanese entertainment are so popular is that they utilize genres that travel ‘ well . In other words , regardless of which culture produces a horror comic , an action-adventure film , a sci-fi fantasy , very little is changed in terms of the way those types of genres are constructed . A comedy , however centers far too much on a specific culture understanding of a particular humor to be effective . Since much of the output from Japan that reaches the United States borrows from genres that travel ‘ well , the ability for the… [banner_entry_footer]


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