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How did the Greeks defeat the Persians at:A) Marathon B) Thermopylae C) Salamis and D) Plataea

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The Grecian Army defeated the Persians at several locations over time with a variety of distinctive tactics , heroic efforts , and at times a bit of luck , or possibly sacrifice to the right God or Goddess . There were also occasions when , despite loosing the battle , they were able to claim some point victory

The battle of Marathon provides a model look at strong tactical maneuvers and staunch spine in battle . They took the offensive in this battle , attacking the Persians with the help of the Plataeans . With a thin center and two strong [banner_entry_middle]

flanks the Greek allowed the Persians to maneuver through the center , then used the exterior forces to encircle the Persian forces

One of the battles marked historically as a loss was a matter of great rallying for the morale of the Grecian people . Despite being defeated at Thermopylae , when the Greeks fought to the very last man they bested the Persian sense of honor . The Persians suffered catastrophic losses in men and used information gleaned from a spy . Later , the Oracle at Delphi claimed that the self-sacrifice of Leonidas` saved his people and his city , securing the moral victory

These massive numbers were seen on the Persian side again at the battle of Salamis . Here , they fell to the Grecian forces because they fought ineffectively . They were unable to maneuver well enough in this , the only naval battle of the Persian war

Perhaps one of the most clear-cut victories of these battles was that of Plataea . Alexander of Macedon warned the Grecian forces of an impending attack by the Persian forces . The advances warning allowed the Greeks to prepare for assault before it was launched . This preparation led to a hype in moral and strategic planning , setting the Grecian forces up to outmaneuver their foes on the field of battle… [banner_entry_footer]


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