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How are the following 10 paintings romantic?

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How are the following 10 paintings romantic ?Ten Paintings of Romanticism

Romanticism has flourished in the years 1800 ‘s to 1900 ‘s . Romanticism in the arts particularly in the visual arts is characterized by a revolt against rationalism and classicism movement . The usual approach of the artist in their artwork is about imagination and subjectivity . Intense emotion and elusiveness is attributed to romanticism . Also , paintings in the romantic era are linked with mystical portrayal , symbolism , natured and politics

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of the arts , ten painting will be analyze and describe having qualities that are reflective of Romanticism

Napoleon on his throan , by Ingres is a painting in the romantic era because of the emphasis on the individual as Napoleon is the only human character in the painting . The painting suggests the political power of Napoleon as romantic artists are often politically and socially involved like Ingres . The throne is the symbol of Napoleon ‘s power as romanticism is very acquainted with symbolism

Jupiter and thetis , by Ingres is mythical as the characters were characters of the Greek mythology . The painting insinuates that a great multitude of imagination is used by the artist to depict such painting where as imagination is central among the artist of the romantic period The frontal bline of the painting is the same as the painting entitled Napoleon on his throne . Emotion is also evident in the painting , evident in Jupiter and Thetis is an intense emotion due to unique colors and contours

Napoleon crossing the Alps by Jacques Louis David is a painting that discusses a political matter . The painting has also displayed kinship with nature as one of the focused aspects of romanticism . The facial expression of Napoleon is indefinable as one of the characteristics of Romantic art is elusive images

The burial of the Sardine , by Goya is a painting which is full of symbolisms . The painting expresses a powerful sense of irony and sarcasm as the painting depicts the picture of mass hysteria which is again related to political issues as one of the aspect of romanticism period The expression in the faces of the characters in the painting are displayed in a exact manner showing the uncanny joyfulness of the characters in the painting which is again a characteristic of romanticism in art which displays mystical images

Battle with clubs , by Goya contains images which is a symbol of the struggle between the monarchists and the liberals of the North Spain . It also tackles the political issue at that time as it portrays the civil war in Spain . The painting shows the intensity of the fight as the feet of the two men fighting with clubs are already buried in the ground but the fight still continues

Satan devouring one of his sons , by Goya is popularly called Saturn . It is an improvisation of Goya on one of the characters of mythology which is central in romanticism . It also… [banner_entry_footer]


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