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Mary (Taylor 2003 ,

.12 . Taylor ‘s research shows great impact , Wollstonecraft ‘s religions beliefs had on her life and work . Mary Wollstonecraft was not a single feministic writer of her epoch . Such personalities as Mary Hays and Mary Robinson also expressed feministic ideas and based their beliefs on religious teachings . This fact partially explains Wollstonecraft ‘s affection with religions utopism . At the same time her courage and artistic insight were very uncommon for her time and Taylor proves this with the facts from her book . This field of Wollstonecraft ‘s [banner_entry_middle]

life has been little studies before . Despite Taylor criticizes religions utopism , she in no way diminishes Wollestone ‘s ability To represent women ‘s hopes of a society free from misogyny and sexual injustice However distant her ideas and imaginings may be from feminist thinking of the present — very distant indeed in some cases — as a symbol of what remains to be achieved . Mary Wollstonecraft remains as vital and necessary a presence today as she was in the 1700 ‘s (Taylor , 2003 ,

br 253

Taylor pays special attention to the concept of imagination and the way it was perceived in Wollstonecraft ‘s times . As Taylor states imagination for Wollstonecraft was nothing but a bridge , which unites human and divine and she actively used this link between them

Using of psychoanalytic and Freudian approach to the analysis of Wollstonecraft ‘s utopianism in her attitude to God has added new dimension to all research works made on this subject earlier . Taylor drops her own conclusion and links Wollstonecraft ‘s devotion to Got with her yarning for the figure of father . For Wollstonecraft , eros was the core of the religious experience (Taylor , 2003 ,

. 108 . This conclusion Taylor bases not only on deep research of Wollstonecraft ‘s private life , such as… [banner_entry_footer]


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