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Hollywood Film and Cultural Studies

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The focal point of this is to analyze the cultural mythologies appear in the film `When Harry met Sally` and to reveal the American culture through methodical analysis . The 1989 movie ‘When Harry Met Sally ‘ is 96 minutes movie written by Nora Ephron is basically humorous in nature and the treatment made by director Rob Reiner has been well appreciated by both critics and public alike (Deb , 321-322 5 , 1

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to us as a romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal . The plot develops when the characters meets for the first time near a carpool and their corresponding relation over a period of twelve years . The basic tagline of this movie is the dilemma over the fundamental difference between the nature of a man and a woman and their inability of blending together as casual friends . This lack of ability of accepting the opposite sex in the public perception is the deep-seated question that the movie `When Harry Met Sally ‘ puts forward in front of us

Gender and sexuality have come into question in many ways throughout the world with the portrayal of both men and women and sexuality in literature , film , art and even within the political and social landscapes of the world . The portrayal of both sexuality and gender especially as it relates to American culture , would indeed be a unique subject to pursue , no matter if it is photographic , anime or even artistic portraiture . There are many different artists that can be named in regard to this change , and there is no true method by which to pinpoint a time period in which the change in expression had begun , but it is seen with prevalence and discussed at great length now , on a worldwide scale . It is found in the works of Yoko Ono , and many other artists . It is read about in the writings of people like Matt Thorn and even scholars in universities worldwide . Courses are taught on the effect of culture have had on sexuality and its perception worldwide not just in art , but in society as a whole . Where femininity and masculinity were once celebrated to the fullest by society , now , they are dressed down , toned to the point where at times you cannot tell which the masculine form is and which would be the feminine

The fact that it has come to this may alarm those who would consider themselves macho or feminist in nature . It may also alarm those who are individualists that don ‘t wish to conform to every norm within the world , yet our artistic nature portrays our viewpoints of all types of social consciousness . It is this that allows us the freedom of expression in our art , yet it would be our very perception that inhibits our expression to where we no longer can see the obvious masculinity or even femininity within art forms

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