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NYSNA Position Statements

Role of Public Health Nursing

The intent of this position statement is to underscore the critical nature of the role of the public health nurse to the health of New Yorkers and to guide the development of public policy toward enhancing the public health nurse workforce in New York State


It is the position of the New York State Nurses Association that

the role of the public health nurse is critical to the promotion and maintenance of the public ‘s health

the public [banner_entry_middle]

‘s health is at much greater risk without enhanced public funding to bolster the public health nursing workforce and

public health nursing recruitment could be enhanced with better access to formal public health education , clinical and managerial education and advanced public health nursing education especially in rural areas


The American Public Health Association /Public Health Nursing section (APHA /PHN , 2003 ) defined public health nursing in 1996 as the practice of promoting and protecting the health of populations using knowledge from nursing , social , and public health sciences a systematic process by which

the health and health care needs of a population are assessed in to identify sub-populations , families , and individuals who would benefit from health promotion or who are at risk of illness , injury , disability or premature death

a plan for intervention is developed with the community to meet identified needs that takes into account available resources , the range of activities that contribute to health and the prevention of illness injury , disability , and premature death

the plan is implemented effectively , efficiently , and equitably

evaluations are conducted to determine the extent to which the interventions have an impact on the health status of individuals and the population and

the results of the process are used to influence and direct the current delivery of care , deployment of health resources , and the development of local , regional , state , and national health policy and research to promote health and prevent disease

The current federal environment requiring disaster and bioterrorism preparation at the local governmental levels has further heightened the need for a robust public health nursing workforce . Public health nurses engage in activities to prevent , plan for , and respond to public health emergencies by administering prophylaxis and treatment , providing patient education and tracking , evaluating reactions , and counseling and referring clients

Public health nurses weave their understanding of the community they serve with their unique knowledge base in public health nursing . As clinical experts , strategists , and collaborators , public health nurses have the distinctive ability to interpret the importance of health and illness concepts in to advocate for clients , families and populations to health planners and policy makers at all private and public levels of health care

Public health nurses work in a variety of different roles within a broad spectrum of public health systems in a number of work settings and locations . Regardless of the setting , however , the public health nurse ‘s role ranges from working toward the prevention of illness , injury or disability to… [banner_entry_footer]


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