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hochiminh:How did he marry nationalism to communism and perfected the deadly art of guerrilla warfare

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Ho Chi Minh was born with the name of Nguyen Van Thanh . Nguyen means victorious . At 15 , Ho began to experience French oppression in Vietnam

France ‘s slogan was Liberty ! Equality ! Fraternity ‘ For Ho , it did not seem to fit the situation in Vietnam . While France built schools hospitals , infrastructures and improvements in technology , Ho believed and influenced others to believe that those were all for the benefit of France and not for Vietnam [banner_entry_middle]

p Ho got a job in London and saw how injustice was committed on Asian workers . They were made to render long hours of work with little pay or pay that was not commensurate . He saw a need for and therefore organized a workers union for Asians . From England , he went to the United States . He liked what he saw as far as running the country was concerned , but he did not like how the Blacks were treated

Ho was not afraid of France and he knew how to defend Vietnam . He chose a daring nom de guerre ‘ like Nguyen-O-Phap (meaning Nguyen Hates the French ) and the more subtle Nguyen Ai Quoc (meaning Nguyen the Patriot

In 1925 , Ho began to put up , secretly , Vietnam ‘s first communist organization based in Canton . Members of this organization were mostly Annamese who revolted against the Vietnamese Nationalist Party , led by Pham Boi Chan . Ho then set up the Whampoa Military Academy , a guerilla camp where they trained in . They started with suicide missions by attacking schools , plantations and mines to the rattle the French authorities

It was on February 18 , 1930 that Ho made know his plans for Vietnam (a ) get the French out (b ) free Vietnam from French rule (c recruit government workers (d ) abolish tax on the unnecessary (e establish 8-hour work (f ) bring back speech and press freedoms (g education , and (h ) gender equality

On September 12 , 1930 , the Indo-china (formerly Vietnam ) Communist Party (ICP ) marched to Vinh . Ho laid low for a while and became active again in the revolutionary movement in 1938 when he became an adviser to the Chinese Communist Red Army . He became known as Uncle Ho ‘ In 1939 , Communist groups were being hunted down including his ICP because of Russia and Germany ‘s crackdown on Fascism

1941 was the best time , Ho thought , to push for the independence of his country . He returned to Vietnam , on the b by Tonkin . He set a meeting with a communist group on Marx Mountain . He laid out his plans for the independence of Vietnam . His new group was known as Vietminh He spent nine days in discussions . He also came to be known as he is now , Ho Chi Minh (He Who Enlightens

Supporters of Vietminh were French in London , and the CIA of America These developments led to a brewing of animosity between Vietnam and China . He was arrested on s by China for spying… [banner_entry_footer]


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