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history of the internet

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Gone are the days of punch cards , typeand record books , all to be replaced by the computer and the Internet . Not since the 1460 ‘s with the printing press and the 1950 ‘s and the impact of the television has one invention and its rapid evolvement been as apparent as with the invention of the computer . Computers have changed the way in which most people in the West conduct their daily lives . A computer bought today will be obsolete in a couple of years as computers enjoy rapid improvements enabling them to be [banner_entry_middle]

able to accomplish what was once thought impossible and does not cease to ignite the imagination of the public . Computers and the Internet are inherently good when used properly but when misused computers can serve as an impediment to our daily lives

There has never been an invention that has progressed as quickly as the personal computer and there is no reason to believe that this will be curtailed any time soon . Every student in college who wishes to be successful either has a computer or takes advantage of the computer labs on campus . It is impossible to do otherwise . It has now become impossible to do otherwise . Most businesses have computers in to handle the heavy flow of daily tasks that need to be completed . Also the old punch cards are replaced with personal cards that are scanned thus recording the time that one enters and leaves the premises

So not only do computers make our jobs easier but they also open up a world of friends and acquaintances that we would never have been exposed to twenty years from now . Websites like www .myspace .com and www .youtube .com which has more than 200 million members combined , open up a world of contacts and increases one ‘s circle of influence by pulling down social barriers that in the past would have impeded one ‘s ability to make new friends and contacts . Also , millions of people each year find their significant other on the Internet and not only from their immediate area as would probably be the case if they didn ‘t have access to the Internet but from possibly anywhere in the world

Also , computers add to the financial worth of the average individual . In the past , an individual who wanted to invest in the stock market needed a broker as well a substantial amount of start up money . And as a result , only two million shares per day traded was the norm from 1929 until 1970 . Now , with websites such as www .scottrade .com and www .ameritrade .com the average investor can invest in the stock market without having to pay costly fees to a broker . As a result , the NASDAQ alone trades more than a billion shares on any given day . This adds to the wealth of not only the private individual but also the economy of the United States and subsequently , the world

However , when misused , the intention of anything… [banner_entry_footer]


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