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History of the Cleveland Indians

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History of the Cleveland Indians

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I . Introduction

The Cleveland Indians – also called as The Tribe ‘ – are considered as a Major League Baseball team that is based in Cleveland , Ohio . They are presently in the Central Division of the American League . The Cleveland Indians team has paid tribute to Louis Sockalexis when the team assumed its recent name by the year 1915 .1 Between 1897 up to [banner_entry_middle]

1899 the remarkable and impressive Sockalexis – a Native American – had played in Cleveland . On the other hand , when the Naps ‘ sent the leader named Napoleon Lajoie to the Philadelphia Athletics during the 1914 season which was owned by Charles Somers who asked the local newsprints to make and give a new name for the team . Subsequently , they were able to come up with a name Indians ‘ as a `play on the name of the Boston Braves ‘ which later recognized as the Miracle Braves .2 The supporters of the name recognized that the Cleveland Spiders of the National League had occasionally called as the Indians ‘ when the short career of the Sockalexis was still around .3 After thirty-four years , the Indians continued to pursue its dream which was to defeat that same Braves franchise during the 1948 World Series after their first victory on one game playoff against the other team of Boston called the Red Sox . The Tribe had its victory too over the Brooklyn Robins which have 5 games to 2 during the 1920 World Series . The Cleveland Indians ‘ name and logo – a smiling red-faced caricature character – is notably considered by several people to be racist and extremely


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provocative . The team considers the word Indians ‘ to be an offensive classification of the whole race and the logo is extremely offensive representation of the conventional drunk ‘ indigenous .4

The intents of this are to (1 ) know the history of Cleveland Indians (2 ) learn about the glory years and trying times of the Cleveland Indians (4 ) find out the Indians hall of famers (5 ) know the recent updates of the Cleveland Indians and

II . Background

A . history of Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians started as the Cleveland Blues as the American League had opened their opportunity during 1901 .5 The team had changed its name by the year 1905 as Cleveland Naps and in 1915 , changed again into Indians .6 Moreover , when baseball teams experience incessantly long periods of losing , supporters were there to cheer them up and appease their distressed psyches ‘ by ascribing the poor lay . The Cleveland was a registered member of the American League that was able to win its first home game 4-3 over the Milwaukee by the year 1901 of April 29 . They were initially nicknamed as the Blues – a name that was used by the National League entry of Cleveland during 1880s . The initial star of the Indians was Napoleon Lajoie – who was one of the greatest hitters ‘ in the history of baseball .7 In 1902 , Napoleon Lajoie joined


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to the Indians from Philadelphia and even though he hit a strong and tough .268 , it signified a fifty-four point drop ‘ in Napoleon Lajoie ‘s batting average from the recent season , as he hit an American League record .422 . In addition , the Indians contested for only one pennant ‘ during the Lajoie time , however , the second baseman was so renowned , the team had altered and modified its name into Naps as a tribute to Napoleon Lajoie8 . During 1914 , Napoleon Lajoie departed and a newsprint contest asked the supporters to rename the team Indians as a tribute of the Miracle . By the year 1920 , the team was able to made it into the highest rank in spite of the tragic on-field death their sparkplug shortstop ‘ named Ray Chapman . The accident happened when Ray Chapman got a direct hit on the head that was made by Carl Mays of New York on August 16 .9 Ray Chapman automatically collapsed at home plate and was not able to get back into consciousness and subsequently died the next morning . As the shocked Indians toppled after the death of Chapman , the opponent White Sox fell down like Humpty Dumpty Furthermore , in 1932 the Indians had a new home which has an opening of the 70 ,000 seat Municipal Stadium .10 After fifteen years , the Indians divided their home schedule in between the new park of Lake Erie ‘s shores and their original home which was the olden League Park that was constructed during 1891 . The


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Municipal Stadium was able to get a positive impact on the franchise . By the year 1948 , the Tribe had its victory and had a record setting pennant winning team in 1954 .11

Feller was the instrument used to connect the two notable and best teams . In 1948 , Feller and Bob Lemon had victory for the twenty games – while the Indians having a tie with the Red Sox – and subsequently defeated the other team of Boston named Braves during the six games World Series . The Indians had drawn 2 ,620 ,627 audiences to Municipal Stadium during the same year .12

Additionally , Bob Feller was able to have 13-3 during the 1954 team that brought victory to the team . Lemon and Early Wynn were able to win twenty-three wins while Mike Garcia had nineteen wins that showed stellar pitching . The Indians ‘ manager had transferred to Boston and a new manager came up named Al Lopez . Al Lopez had regenerated the offense of Indians together with League MVP Al Rosen – which had twenty-four home runs and one-hundred two runs batted in ‘ – and the batting champ Bobby Avila . In spite of the team ‘s record , the Tribe had lost the World Series in four straight ‘ against the New York Giants .13

Furthermore , in 1994 the new Indians era has started again with the opening of Jacob ‘s Field .14 It was a good ballpark and at the same time the novel Municipal Stadium regenerated the Indians during 1940s . Even though Cleveland had delighted its


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regeneration during the 1990s , they were still able to maintain its success by having five pennants and two World Titles .15 Gordon Cobbledick has stated that

“One thing about the Cleveland Indians : They may , in the words of a once-popular song , have been a headache , but they never were a bore ” –

Gordon Cobbledick in The American League (1959 ’16

III . Discussions

A . The glory years and trying times of the Cleveland Indians

A .1 Glorious years

During 1940s , the Cleveland team was strengthened by rookies Bourdeau and Ray Mack gave logical and sensible pennant hopes and Bob Feller introduced the season having a no-hitter against the White Sox in Chicago .17 However , the players rose in contradiction to Vitt and subsequently moved to Bradley to ask the dismissal of the manager . But Bradley did not agree and because of this , it went on the national news and this scenario had labeled the players of Cleveland as The Crybabies . Despite of that , The Indians were able to finish a game that log behind the Tigers and concluded the career of Vitt as the chief league manager .18 Additionally , during 1940 , Bob Feller won the 27 games and the was considered as the star in the Cleveland baseball team because of his victories . And


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not only that , Bob Feller was the first player and the youngest player – he was seventeen years old then – who had played a regular season game under the Tribe team . Amongst Bob Feller ‘s 14 regular season appearances during 1936 was a 15-strikeout

struggle against the team of St . Louis Browns and subsequently a major league record 17 against the Athletics .19 Throughout Bob Fuller ‘s first six seasons , he was able to win 107 games and headed the A .L . in strikeouts four times . Bob Feller was able to have a record setting 18-strikeout game ‘ in opposition to Detroit during 1938 of October 2 When Bob Feller left the team for military service , Boudreau became the player-manager of the team at the age of 24 .20

A .2 Trying times

During 1958 , the Cleveland had another management team under William R Daley as the club president and Frank Lane who replaced Greenberg as the general manager . Frank Lane has created 60 distinct deals between 1957 of December 2 up until 1959 of December 15 . During the process , the Indians vaulted back into contention during 1959 .21 The 1959 Indians headed the A .L . in HRs , runs scored , batting average and slugging percent .22 Moreover , the Cleveland team had its game again on August 9 , 1981 when the team hosted the All-Star Game in 1981 . The Cleveland were


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able to set its third All-Star game having an audience of 72 , 086 at the Stadium . In spite of the striking and remarkable pitching staff headed by Barker , neophyte Bert Blyleven , Rick Waits , Garland and John Denny the Indians could not still move to the top .23

B . Hall of Famers

The names listed below were the Indians Hall of Famers . 24

Player Years with Indians

Earl Averill 1929-1939

Lou Boudreau 1938-1950

HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /carlto n_steve .htm ” Steve Carlton HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /carlto n_steve .htm ” 1987

HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /covele ski_stan .htm ” Stan Coveleski 1916-1924

HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /doby_l arry .htm ” Larry Doby 1947-1955 , 1958

HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /feller _bob .htm ” Bob Feller HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /feller _bob .htm ” 1936-1941 , 1945-1956

HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /flick_ elmer .htm ” Elmer Flick 1902-1910

HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /joss_a ddie .htm ” Addie Joss HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /joss_a ddie .htm ” 1902-1910

HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /kiner_ ralph .htm ” Ralph Kiner 1955

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HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /lemon_ bob .htm ” Bob Lemon 1941-1942 , 1946-1958

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HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /paige_ satchel .htm ” Satchel Paige 1948-1949

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HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /wilhel m_hoyt .htm ” Hoyt Wilhelm 1957-1958

HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /winfie ld_dave .htm ” Dave Winfield HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /winfie ld_dave .htm ” 1995

HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /wynn_e arly .htm ” Early Wynn HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /wynn_e arly .htm ” 1949-1957 , 1963

HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /young_ cy .htm ” Cy Young HYPERLINK “http /www .baseballhalloffame .org /hofers_and_honorees /hofer_bios /young_ cy .htm ” 1909-1911 Below are the logos – arranged ly – used by the Cleveland Indians since from 1915 up to the present .25

HYPERLINK “http /www .sportslogos .net /logo .php ?lo 7181 ” 1915 – 1920 HYPERLINK “http /www .sportslogos .net /logo .php ?lo 7182 1921 – 1927 HYPERLINK “http /www .sportslogos .net /logo .php ?lo 7183 ” 1928 HYPERLINK “http /www .sportslogos .net /logo .php ?lo 7226 ” 1929 – 1932 HYPERLINK “http /www .sportslogos .net /logo .php ?lo 7227 ” 1933 – 1945

HYPERLINK “http /www .sportslogos .net /logo .php ?lo 720 ” 1946 – 1950 HYPERLINK “http /www .sportslogos .net /logo .php ?lo 738 1951 – 1972 HYPERLINK “http /www .sportslogos .net /logo .php ?lo 2269 ” 1973 – 1979 HYPERLINK “http /www .sportslogos .net /logo .php ?lo 738 ” 1980 – Pres ent

C . Recent updates of the Cleveland Indians

In 2005 , the Indians were able to win against A .L central at the beginning of the season . The Cleveland Indians started to make their move last June of 2005 as being the winner of 12 of 13 throughout the Interleague games , as they led into the All-Star Break having a 47-41 record . But the Cleveland Indians were defeated in a 4-game series by the White Sox who won 15 of 19 games throughout the season in opposition to the Tribe26 . But in August 2005 , the Tribe was able to get back and won against the Sox and the tribe became the most talked of the town and the hottest team in the world of baseball thus , the team makes a run at the playoffs ‘ when they ran off a stretch of 44 wins over the next 60 ’27 that contained an 18-2 stretch last September 2005 and witnessed the White Sox took the lead to a game and half leading into the final week

During the 2001 off-season , General Manager John Hart had submitted his resignation and his assistant named Mark Shapiro took over . Mark Shapiro had decided that the Cleveland Indians team was already behind and needed some young minor


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league talent . This report really made the supporters of Cleveland Indians to be disturbed and during the 2002 and 2003 games , the Indians really struggled and defeated in the games28 . Moreover , in 2002 , Mark Shapiro hired Bartolo Colon and also Tavis Hafner with the Texas Rangers which include Ryan Drese and hired CoCo Crisp from the team of St . Louis Cardinals . Two years later , the young talent really paves its way when they beat the New York Yankees in 2004 having the 22-0 . Throughout 2006 off-season , the Cleveland Indians exchanged the well-known Coco Crisp together with David Riske and Josh Bard to the Boston Red Sox for reliever Guillermo Mota .29

IV . Conclusion

Since 1901 of April 24 – when the Cleveland Indians had started – the Cleveland ‘s American League franchise was able to reach its 100th anniversary . The professional baseball in Cleveland was one of the oldest practices in the city – way back in the 19th century and had celebrated its 134th year in 2002 . Since from the beginning up to the present , Cleveland baseball has been recognized and acknowledged by well-known and great players and great moments . Moreover , the professional baseball in

Cleveland has started in 1869 of June 2 as the Cleveland Forest City encountered the Cincinnati Red Stockings . The Cleveland was signified during the first professional league of baseball

Through times , Cleveland Indians continuously do a remarkable and outstanding record in the history of baseball . Though the Tribe meets ups and downs , they still able to manage their victory and pave its way in the world of baseball


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Cleveland Indians

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