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History of Holistic Health

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History of Holistic Health

Holistic medicine is a system of alternate medicine , which is a approach to life both in physical and spiritual terms . It does not focus on the specific illness or parts of the body suffering from illness , but rather visualizes the body as a whole and views body as more than the sum of the parts . It tries to attain a perfect harmony by fostering a cooperative relationship among all those involved , leading towards optimal attainment of the physical , mental , emotional , social and spiritual aspects of health (i .e . it [banner_entry_middle]

focuses on the whole person and takes in to account how he or she interacts . When one part of the body is malfunctioning it disrupts all other parts of that person . This is comparable to the working of an automobile , if one part of the automobile engine malfunctions , it not only effects the working of the malfunctioning parts but causes wear and tear of the all the other related parts . The whole person , including all of the parts , is in constant interaction with the nature and the environment . In other words it was assumed that the body posses a natural tendency toward equilibrium , or homeostasis the maintenance , which is the key to good health . The aim of holistic healing is to achieve maximum body function where individual body parts are functioning the way they should function . Therefore it is no longer the sole responsibility of the healer to bring good health otherwise puts great responsibilities on the patient to achieve the maximum possible health and well-being . Therefore holistic health is not a static process but an ongoing process . It is heavily depend on personal commitment to be moving toward the right end of the wellness continuum . Irrespective of their current status of health , any one can make marked improvement in the level of their well being by adopting the techniques of holistic health

Holistic medicine has its roots in several ancient healing traditions that stress healthy living and being in harmony with nature , originated in India and China about 5 ,000 years ago . The holistic healing practitioners propagated the idea of healthy way of living with nature The great philosopher Socrates , who lived four centuries prior to Christ birth recognized this idea and has suggested that we should take body as a whole and not by part by part . Plato was another advocate of Holism advising doctors that they should respect the relationship between mind and body . And the ability of the body to heal itself and caution the doctors not to interfere with the process was emphasized by Hippocrates Jan Christiaan Smuts coined the term holism in 1926 as a way of living a whole life and viewing the body as greater than the sum of their parts which has given us the more integrated concept of psychosomatic medicine known as holistic medicine “Holistic ” became more recognized through 1970s to the current time and has become one of the accepted methods of alternative medicine

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