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Prohibition in America During 1920 ‘s


In the dawn of the modern human civilization around the time of early 19th century , the global society in general has been experiencing many significant historical movements and developments . In this time period rapid industrial development and the surging boom in the economic aspect of the global civilization became a common concept overpowering the traditional cultural aspect of the human society and setting up new trends in their way of life

Among the new products of the establishment of the present civilization [banner_entry_middle]

br era , items such as alcoholic beverages and liquor became a dominant choice of the public both of the common class and the elite ones . It is significantly observed in the history of man ‘s society that a sudden burst in this industry has led to rise of the influential effect of the alcoholic vice to the culture of the people

Particularly in the American society , intoxication due to over consumption of alcoholic beverages has led to many negative social problems . Thus , this alarming social condition has pushed many advocates of the anti-alcoholism propaganda and religious conservatives to legalize the stoppage of the said industry both in its manufacturing and in distribution . This movement is generally known in the history as the act of prohibition

History and Background of Prohibition

The actual movement for the ban of liquor products and industry in the American land originally started in the 1840s led my concerned individuals and religious conservatives mainly the Methodist . They have dominantly observed during the said time that the negative problems of the society are becoming more critical and alarming such as the increasing rates of juvenile delinquencies , prostitution , and social violence and gang wars . Generally , the said problems are observed to be greatly influenced and promoted by the intoxicating and addictive nature of alcoholism thus manifesting as the roots of the American society ‘s problem

In this aspect , movements and concerns are then put into public attentions gathering more supports and advocates . The campaign originally started with the implementation of the Maine ‘s Law ‘ which was legalize in 1841 prohibiting the sale , consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages and liquors . After four years of its establishment the said legislative act gradually spread on over thirty-one states in the American soil thus developing more controversies and social issues By 1920 , the Prohibition Amendment or the Eighteen Amendment was passed thus legalizing the ban of the industry of alcohol including its possession and consumption within the jurisdiction of the American government

Effects of the Prohibition Amendment in America

Ideally , the imposition of the amendment banning the industry and public consumption of alcohol in the society posts many positive effects . Acting out as the source of the negative cultures in the society such as prostitution , juvenile delinquencies and social violence , eliminating the source will also gradually eliminate the social problems it produces . By considering the early periods after the imposition of the said amendment , one can actually say that this purpose was… [banner_entry_footer]


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