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Historically, the ‘female’ is associated with sexuality, the body, and evil, while the ‘male’ is associated with the mind, rationality, and the good. Can equality exist between men and women if and when ‘females’ and ‘males’ are distinguished in this mann

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Equality between men and women is an issue that has raised a lot of debate over the decades . Historically , it is apparent that the `female has been associated with sexuality , the body and evil , while the `male is associated with the mind , rationality and the good . With this connotations and differences in references to the sexes it is very hard to achieve the virtue of equality between men and women

The societal norms and cultural beliefs are to [banner_entry_middle]

blame for the result of inequality because they make it seem like it is normal for women to be treated like inferiors . From the school of thought that the `female ‘ has been associated with sexuality , the body and evil , while the `male ‘ is associated with the mind , rationality and the good , this discusses the implications of these associations

Viewing women in terms of sexuality , body and evil denotes that the men can have control over their freedom . In the text women in ancient Greece , Jason put it that , it ‘s not for love he has promised to marry the princes but because of wealth and power for him and his sons (Blundell , 1995 . That statement denotes that the place of a woman in the society is looked down upon by the men . In the story of the Red tent by (Diamant , 1998 ) even Dinah is being controlled by her brothers and they see her as a sexual object . By them killing her lover it ‘s apparent that they didn ‘t want them to get married despite her being in love with him because the brothers killed him as she lay in her arms . They have no regard to her emotions and dominate over her deciding on what is good for her instead of them letting her make her own decisions

All people regardless of sex should have liberty and control over their lives , sexuality and decision making . Consequently in James Dicky deliverance text the men starring in the play leave their wives and troubles to go on a canoeing adventure (Dickey , 1994 . This shows the extend to which women are seen as a burden to the lives of men

It is also apparent that with this distinguished associations the party more discriminated upon may fight back in a bid to try and be recognized by the perpetrators and voice their concerns

Although the society sees women as the lesser or weaker sex , women have not stopped there but fought and rose above the standards set by male dominance . Nowadays we have women who have excelled in male careers and even in empowering themselves to better people . The president of Liberia for instance is a woman and an inspiration for many people


The society has a party to play in re-analyzing the cultural norms that have brought up these diverse differences . It is not about which sex should be restricted to sex and intellectuality but its all about respect for each other… [banner_entry_footer]


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