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Hispanic Groups living in the United states

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Code : Hispanic Groups Living in the United States Page 1 Mexican Americans : Language , Spanish , official language of Spain and the native language of 322 to 358 million people in the world . Many of those people live in other countries where Spanish is the official language Argentina , Bolivia , Chile , Colombia , Costa Rica , Cuba , The Dominican Rebublic , Ecuador , El Salvador , Equatorial Guinea , Guatemala Honduras ‘Mexico , Nicaragua , Panama , Paraguay , Peru , Uruguay , and Venezuela

Economic : Mexico , in full United Mexican States (Spanish , Estados Unidos Mexicanos , Federal Republic in North America . Mexico is the 5th [banner_entry_middle]

largest country in Western Hemisphere and is rich in natural resources such as petroleum and natural gas . Mexicos ‘s effort to develop and modernize its economy , one of the 15 largest in the world , have been slowed by the Nation ‘s rugged terrain , limited farmland , a rapidly growing population and a series of economic crisis . The nations ‘s capital Mexico City , is one of the largest city in the world . In Latin America only Brazil has a larger population than Mexico

Political : mexico ‘s political model theoretically has much in common with that of the United States as with the U .S . government , Mexico ‘s government is divided into 3 branches : Executive , Legislative , and Judicial . In Mexico , however , the Executive branch dominates the other branches to such an extent that the country effectively has a political system that is controlled by its President . For most of the 20th century , only one political party , the government controlled Institutional revolutionary Party (PRI , played an

Code : Hispanic Groups Living in the United States Page 2 Influential role in politics or in the decision making process . After it was founded in 1929 , the Government Party monopolized most national political offices . The PRI did not lose a senate seat until 1988 or a governatorial race until 1989 . It was the presidency for the first time in 2000 , when Vicente Fox of the National Action Party (PAN ) defeated the PRI candidate

Social : Marriage and Family . Marriage customs follow Roman Catholic Traditions . Common-law marriage is also practiced and recognized by the State . Except in urban areas , where the trend is to have fewer children Mexican families are generally quite large . Many families have more than 3 children . The Divorce rate is low , partly because the Roman Catholic Church does not allow or recognize divorce . The father is considered the head of the family , but the mother runs the household . A household especially in Rural areas , may include members of the extended family

Socializing : The usual greetings is a handshake or a nod in of the head although between friends an embrace is common . Women often greet each other with a kiss on the cheek . Mexicans typically stands close to each other while talking , sometimes touching each other ‘s clothing

Recreation : Soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico , and Bullfights draw the next highest number of spectators

Religion . During the colonial Period , the Spanish religion on the indigenous population did not permit the exercise of any other… [banner_entry_footer]


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