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hispanic american diversity

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Life within a Hispanic group is not what most people would consider a life of freedom . As we focus on four Hispanic groups , we will discover numerous realities ‘ within the lives of Mexican , Puerto Rican , Cuban and Central Americans . These groups are connected in some ways , but also have many major differences . They are very family- oriented and believe in helping each other through anything . These four groups have come a long way in America , but could have an easier life . There are stipulations hidden between the lines of the nondiscrimination [banner_entry_middle]

law , of which Cordova (2002 ) explains

In addition to being the most rapidly growing ethnic group in the United States the Hispanic population is also one of the most diverse . While similar in many respects , the Mexican , Puerto Rican , Central American Cuban , and other Hispanic groups contain significant cultural differences requiring a sensitive public relations approach (para 5

Life as a Mexican American

Mexican Americans consist of the greater part of Hispanics residing in the United States . Their existence is anticipated to rise considerably in years to come . Even with their long history in the United States Mexican Americans are still considered minorities . In many ways , they continue to do as poorly as or worse than other American minorities Their educational successes , work-related positions , and low pay go hand-in-hand with Black Americans . With the predictable rise in Mexican American population and their continual low socioeconomic reputation some believe it is necessary to expand a structure to set apart the way they fit into the U .S . economy . With some acceptance from dominant groups , there could be a new beginning for Mexican Americans . Today dark-skinned Mexican Americans and Cuban Americans continue to face higher levels of discrimination in the labor market , whereas dark-skinned Puerto Ricans do not , which may indicate regional differences across the three groups that need to be controlled for (Espino Franz , 2002 , para .1

Puerto Ricans in America

Puerto Ricans have a very separate and difficult history . Their history is not the same as other immigrants in America . Their island has been a focal point of the United States since 1898 when they won the island as proceeds in the Spanish-American war . Puerto Ricans who live in America have always had the problem of having to be on both sides of both the American and Puerto Rican cultures and Spanish and English languages Puerto Ricans have always had a hard time living in America . It seems that their reason for moving here is to have a better opportunity for their family . While there are better opportunities for Puerto Ricans they still have a hard life . According to Syracuse (n .d

The Puerto Rican culture includes people whose ancestors and possibly current extended family members are from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico . Their original language is Spanish . Under Spanish rule and then under American rule , Puerto Rico has never been an independent nation Puerto Ricans are American citizens and can legally enter and leave the mainland… [banner_entry_footer]


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