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Hippocratic Oath and the Ethics of Medicine

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My Hippocratic Oath

I . I swear to fulfill , to the best of my ability and judgment , this covenant

II . I will respect the scientific gains of the past , also acknowledging my obligation to benefit the future , and I will gladly share everything I know with potential doctors to come

III . I will try never to over medicate a patient , and I will not be afraid to request assistance or advice

IV . I will respect the craft of medicine as well as science , and remember the difference that warmth , sympathy , and understanding [banner_entry_middle]

makes on my work V . I will respect the privacy of my patients , and I will not take lightly the immeasurable decision to save or take some one ‘s life . I will never take it upon myself to play God , in any circumstance

VI . I will remember that I do not treat an illness but the patient , and I will value the families input and wellbeing and acknowledge that they are entrusting with the lives of their loved ones

VII . I will prevent disease whenever I can . Prevention is preferable to a cure

VIII . I will remember that I remain a member of society , and a community , and that my medical abilities are my civic contribution

IX . If I do not violate this oath , may my eternal satisfaction be brought to fruition within my life , and if I do break this oath may I lose my privileges within this respected profession The Hippocratic Oath is a historic and honorable tradition taken by physicians since nearly the beginning of the medical practice . The practice of revising , and abiding by this oath goes back as far as the 4th Century B .C . It embodies many ideals that instill selfless honor and a sense of unanimous family within the medical community . As times have changed , and medical technology has enhanced , one thing that hasn ‘t changed is the human nature running the medical practice . It is this reason why the Hippocratic Oath is still present and necessary today It is my opinion that the oath I have developed and provided for this essay is most contemporary and encompasses all the necessary concerns within our modern era . The more things change the more they stay the same . The combination of new technology and medical practice with the transcending never changing quality of human tendency warrants an oath that is slightly modifiable but that still maintains the core values Hippocrates originally pursued . My version of the oath is exactly that I will analyze the aspects of my oath in no particular as they are all equally significant , and they all have connecting relation to one another . The main connection between each declaration is an underlying traditions of ideals and a history which shapes this medical ideology

The Hippocratic Oath has changed multiple times throughout the course of history . In fact , most doctors are noted for believing in the idea of upholding a Hippocratic Oath , but not one in particular . So how does one… [banner_entry_footer]


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