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The transmigration of soul

Hinduism believes in the philosophy of rebirth . It believes that the body can be

destroyed , whereas the soul cannot be destroyed . The soul changes its outer form by

adopting various bodies . The cycle of rebirth continues infinitely , unless the soul attains

freedom from the bondage of birth and rebirth . Life is interpreted as a bondage which is

a result of the actions or karma done in the past lives . The equation is very straight and

absolutely logical . If one performs good actions or [banner_entry_middle]

karma , the result will be a better

life in future and if bad actions or karma are performed , the result will be bad life in

future . Similarly , the current status of life and its events are a sum- performed in the past . Bad actions will push the soul back into the vicious circle of

transmigration to various forms of bodies , whereas good actions help in purification of

the soul and bring it closer to God . This state of recognizing God is known as attaining

moksha , the ultimate place where the soul is free from all types of bondage , and the soul

does not have to get back to transmigration in various forms of bodies . It is FREE from

all bondages . It is the ultimate and the only state of true happiness


This paragraph denounces the selfishness and the egoism bound into the character of

all human beings . The height of selfishness is reached when one prays to God for his

own personal gains and favors . Human ego leads to ambitions , and when ambitions are

too high , they lead to destruction also . Had Hitler not been too ambitious and revengeful

would the second world war have ever occurred ? The selfishness and ego , are the two

virtues in every human being which are worth denouncing . These two virtues do not

allow one to live with a peaceful mind . The blessings of God are continuously being

showered upon each and every being on this earth , in terms of eternal grace , but those

who cannot control these two virtues within themselves , are not able to pick up this

graceful rain of infinite blessings of God . These blessings are divine and have profound

energy within themselves which is healing and illuminating Selfishness and personal

motives are like a high rocky hill , and ego is like hard barren soil , on which the

ceaseless shower of God ‘s blessings does fall , but is not absorbed . It flows away . To

absorb these blessings and attain peace of mind , it is important that ego and selfishness

are eliminated from within

The mystery of evil

Where is the root of the so-called misery in every one ‘s life ? There is hardly any

human being who does not feel unhappy . Everybody seeks peace of mind . Why is this

so ? Why is everyone unhappy ? Those who have the earthly possessions do not have the

emotional security of family , and those who have it do not have the money . Almost all

of us , always… [banner_entry_footer]


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