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The fundamental basis of Hinduism is based on the concept of karma Karma means our deeds will determine our life now and life afterwards and we will be reborn again and again until our soul transmigrate and merge with all mighty the ever loving god . It is called reincarnation It believes in a supernatural power which is only can be realized fully by a pure heart . In addition it believes soul is separate from our body and it is pure but because of our ego and indulgence we [banner_entry_middle]

forget the awareness and have a self-awareness which s limited and cause us to be in bondage

Hinduism do not condemn any religious practices and it accepts all spiritual paths but it believes the ultimate aim of any spirit is complete bliss and happiness and believes any man can practice contemplative practices which has stood the test of time . Say for example Buddhism which rejects some Hindu rituals performed in temples and rejects caste system but borrows the concept of karma and nirvana which is a concept of Hinduism as well it has several versions of Hinduism and it adepts its message to different parts of the world which is acceptable to the masses . It emphasizes any

Person to critically contemplate the message and make his or her mind and do not impose its message on them and devise their own spiritual way to attain their spiritual goals as well as other goals . Even it accepts atheism

In essence Hinduism basic ideas are we must be careful of our deeds , we must tolerate diverse views and live in harmony with nature , cultivate love for the fellow men and above all contemplate on the all mighty god in every day in your own way and never over indulge in material pleasures which is the fundamental source of misery according to Hinduism in this world and after life and soul is indestructible and be reborn . As well the ultimate aim of the soul is to attain bliss and happiness in every day life and freedom from rebirth and suffering . The source of suffering according to Hinduism is desire and egoism . The fundamental message of Hinduism is to seek for gods grace than seek for gold and indulgence in material pleasures , which is transitory and not permanent… [banner_entry_footer]


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