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Hindu Terms Map

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Word Personal understanding

of term Redefinition of term

after reading text Differences between popular

usage and actual definition

Karma Before reading the text I

understood karma to be a

direct reaction to what I

do . I grew up believeing

that whenever God got

mad because I did bad

things , He caused bad

things to happen to me in

return . According to the text

Karma is not only

about actions , it is

also about thoughts

and desires . It says

that our whole being p [banner_entry_middle]

is only a sum of all

our thoughts , desires

and actions . Karma

makes up our whole

being , so that if we

want to be pure , then

have to be pure in our

thoughts , desires , and

actions . The actual definition is much

broader than the popular

usage . Whereas karma is

popularly believed to be only

an action cum consequence

thing , it actually concerns

everything about our being –

one does not have to act out

anything for karma to exist

one only has to think and

feel desire Reincarnation Reincarnation is the

possibility of a life after

death . It is believed that

the soul is supposed to

leave the body after

death and enters another

Reincarnation is one

of several doctrines

of Sanatana Dharma

According to this

doctrine , the self is

an unchangeable

being . It leaves the

body that it occupies

after that body dies

and enters another

whether animal or

plant life . Reincarnation is a doctrine of

Hinduism and is therefore

treated and taught as truth

Unlike in the popular belief

that reincarnation is merely

considered a possibility

Hinduism considers it

a certainty and is actually a

continuing process of life

Yoga Yoga is practiced by the

inhabitants of India . It is

supposed to make their

body reach a point of

calmness . It is a practice which

is designed to achieve

a state of balance

purity , wisdom , and

peacefulness of

mind ‘ Yoga is not only for the

natives of India . It is for

everybody who embraces the

practices of Hinduism .Yoga is

not only for calmness but also

for purity and wisdom

Guru Guru means teacher . He

teaches Yoga to whoever

is interested . Guru is the title given

to a spiritual teacher

or a spiritual guide

who gives advice to

those seeking

enlightenment or

realization ‘ Guru is not only a teacher of

Yoga . It is the title given to

someone with a more lofty


Chakras This word is foreign to

me . I have no previous

knowledge of the word

Chakras are subtle

energy centers along

the spine , the path

taken by the energy

of life whose flow

is being controlled by

the breath

Since this is the first time I

have heard of this term , the

difference is the new

knowledge that I have

acquired… [banner_entry_footer]


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